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Winter Getaway perfect planning how to tips

November 16, 2019 2:41 pmViews: 100

How to plan the perfect winter getaway.

Winter Getaway planning tips for the sun or snow.

Winter getaway planning tips for sun or snow destinations.

Whether your travel style is more sun or snow. Fun or learn, explore and history, everyone can use a vacation this time of year. Check out these tips for a memorable, stress-free adventure.

1. Do your research.
Want a break from it all, but don’t know where to go? Sunny destinations are popular, but do some research on what else cities and countries offer. Like shopping, cultural attractions, and favorable currency exchange rates. Many airlines and travel sites have great savings at this time of year for flights and hotel packages. Take time to compare, a great deal may be all it takes to make your decision.

2. Think outside the box.
Most vacationers are heading south, but do you actually enjoy winter weather and activities? If so, don’t be tempted to hop on the bikini weather bandwagon. European cities are often slightly warmer. And they are beautiful in the snow with plenty of museums, attractions, and events to keep you busy. Or visit a Canadian destination for days filled with skiing, snowboarding, or skating and cozy evenings by the fireplace.

Planning is the same for a Winter Getaway in warm or cold places.

3. Check out clothing sales.
Visiting somewhere new often requires a bit of a wardrobe overhaul. Such as adding key pieces like swimsuits or sturdy walking shoes. Most retailers suffer a slow season after the holidays, meaning great sales on upcoming spring and summer collections for you. Depending on where you are headed, you can also take advantage of clearance winter items. Or basics that you can wear almost anywhere.

4. Pack smart.
Always include your contact and destination contact information inside and outside each piece of checked baggage. This helps identify baggage if any outside tag is damaged or lost. Always keep essential and valuable items with you on board. Such as your passport, identification and return tickets. Also your medicines and medical devices. As well as your money, jewellery, electronic equipment, and essential overnight items.

5. Know where to go for air travel help.
Unfortunately, sometimes the perfect winter getaway can turn into something less than ideal if you experience flight disruptions and delays. Lost, delayed or damaged baggage; or denied boarding or bumping due to overbooking.

If you have one of these problems, and you are traveling in or from Canada, you can file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency. Their job is to help resolve complaints between passengers and airlines. Find more information online at

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