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Winery Weddings Planning and Budgeting Tips

June 30, 2016 12:06 pmViews: 297

Winery Weddings Planning and Budgeting Tips for Romancing the Grape.

Winery weddings planning menu tips.

Winery weddings planning for Greg Wilson and Colleen Ayotte’s
at Ciccone Vineyards in Michigan.

Themes for winery weddings planning are already made for you.

Winery weddings planning takes about the same time as a modern wedding. And the wineries are an interesting venue for your menus and guests. Everything else is the same. Your outfits, the officiant, license, transportation, accommodations, flowers, décor and more.

When you visit venues that handle winery weddings have a list of questions ready to ask the wedding coordinator.

If you are hiring a wedding planner make sure they know the style, size and budget of your wedding. Along with the menu and wine tasting requirements. Other items include your Ceremony site and chairs, and if the reception area is to have a tent or not. Your accommodations and for your out-of-town guests. Where the Rehearsal dinner is going to be held. And the winery website address that should include a map. And as always, a Plan B in case of bad weather.

Remember to get all price quotes and what they cover in writing.

Ask for wedding references and check them out.

Keep a record of all your quotes, expenses and receipts.

Shopping Winery Weddings planning ideas to compare venues.

Often winery weddings venues do not include accommodations. But they work with reputable professionals to accommodate wedding-related requirements. Such as clergy, catering, wedding cake, flowers, makeup and hair, music, décor, photography, transportation and lodging.

Make a list the personal items that you will be bringing to the site. Such as your outfits, favours for the tables and gifts for your wedding party. 

And make a note of items and dates that make each location different. So that you can compare all of your requirements and costs.

Then start planning your honeymoon!

Winery Weddings Planning parking question for you and your guests.

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