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Wine Gift Registries for Wedding Celebrations

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Adding non-traditional items to your gift registry.
Wine Gift Registries for Wedding Celebrations.
Wine gift registries starter sets for wedding gift ideas.

Wine gift registries are a way to add items you want.

Couples who are not wine aficionados have guidance and help in making their selections.

Most couples enter marriage with a barrage of home goods as two households merge. And the bridal registry is not so necessary to furnish a new home.

A wine gift registry or wine club online or locally offers unique options for couples looking for alternatives items.

Wine gift registries allow brides and grooms to select bottles of wine or gift packs. Several offer pre-selected wine cellars or wine club memberships as wedding gifts.

Registries usually includes some of the best boutique and estate wines from around the world. Plus stemware, decanters and other wine accessories.

Wine clubs usually includes a free customized taste profile. This is created based upon your personal preferences.

Recommendations are offered with tasting notes and a history of the wine. And how well the wine matches the member’s taste.

Wine Gift Registries for Your Wedding Budgets.

For couples looking to create a wine cellar but not sure of which wines to include they can check out a Starter Cellars section. The section includes a comprehensive list of wines of assorted varieties from many regions.

Most wine locations will have a gift registry.

To find wine registries and membership clubs Google wine gift registries or wine clubs. For your area add your location after the subjects.

Here are five quick tips on how to pick the wine to serve at your wedding without breaking the bank.
1. You don’t have to serve Champagne!
If you do really want to serve Champagne Ayala make delicious bubblies. Their Zero Dosage meaning bone dry/zero residual sugar is delightful. And about 30% less expensive that its Champagne counterparts of the same quality level.
2. Ask your venue if you can bring in your own wine.
Often times if you agree to buy the bubbly from the venue they will waive the corkage fee on the still wine you bring in. Or vice versa. In short don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Wine Gift Registries for your reception and home starter sets.

3. Ask for a discount .
Venues often cover their bottle costs with the first glass that they pour for wines. If they won’t budge on letting you bring in your own wine then ask which wines on their list would they be willing to work with you on the price.
4. It is a New Day so check out the New World.
The best deals in wine remain the New World Stars. Particularly those from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and South America.
5. Sample, sample, sample.
Definitely taste what you will be serving as you might be pleasantly surprised. What you like best might by some great fortune not be the most expensive wines on the list.

For more tips and to check out a wine gift registry club visit

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