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Weddings Special Situations when getting married

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 There are over 500,000 weddings in North America each year. Each one is different. Several are weddings special situations.

Weddings Special Situations when getting married.

Weddings special situations don’t happen all the time.
Vietnamese Wedding photo by Tomas Ramos.

Weddings Special Situations, wedding ringsWeddings special situations covers interfaith weddings. Getting married again. Step-children in the wedding plans. When brides are pregnant. If you decide to elope. And special event weddings.

Interfaith Weddings.
Many houses of worship and cultural organizations have a special ministry for interfaith couples that offers premarital counseling. Often the problem is not with the couple who are marrying.

It could be that parents or family members who are having a problem with the union. Some faiths have set up guidelines for couples who are not of the same religion or belief. Often a house of worship will require that certain conditions be met or promises made before the ceremony is performed.

If one member of the couple does not practice a faith that person might consider converting to the others’ faith. And both of you can have your faith’s officiant at your wedding. There are several clergy and officiants who will perform ceremonies together.

Before you are married if religion matters, then it will be the same after you are married. It is better to get the situation cleared up before you plan your wedding.

Down the line there are issues such as the raising of children and dealing with in-laws. Customs, traditions and holiday celebrations. If an interfaith marriage is not a problem then enjoy making the ceremony as special for each other as you can.

Weddings Special Situations take careful planning and budgeting.

Getting Married Again Weddings
You may be divorced or a widow or widower. Or a common-law couple who decides to officially tie the knot. Whichever second marriages are on the rise.

In general all the things you went through in planning your first wedding are the same. But you probably will have to be more hands on in planning and budgeting your next wedding.

If you are having written invitations you will want to word them appropriately to reflect your present situation.

You will be choosing your dress. Deciding who is going to escort you down the aisle. It could be your father, your groom, your son, a family member or friend. And doing your own planning for a reception or party.

Do not forget the photographer, videographer, music, flowers and your wedding cake.

If either you or your groom have children this special occasion is usually an emotional one for them. They might be part of your wedding party. Or if you have all been living together before you are married the event will probably be a family celebrating a special day.

Step-children Participation – one of weddings special situations.

Depending on the age of the children and the emotional situation they have been through with their parents step-children can be a blessing. Or they can make your wedding plans miserable.
Small children do not seem to have as much trouble adjusting to second-time marriages. Teenagers do. The competition for attention is very real.

If problems arise before the marriage then they will be there and probably worse after your marriage. To help ease situations there are step-family support groups and family therapists.

As in every wedding is different. Each child is different. If your step-children are part of your wedding party it is because you feel it is important to them and your new family.

Your Best Man will be helpful as well as your Maid of Honor in case emotions run high on your wedding day.

Remember you cannot force children to be part of a celebration. But you cannot just leave them out either. Use care. Talk first and be prepared for anything

The Pregnant Bride – one of weddings special situations.

If you want your wedding date before your baby arrives then you know how many months you have to plan.
If yours is a quick marriage the first thing to do is to decide where you want to get married.

And if it is in a house of worship then be in touch with the clergy or officiant. Let him know over the phone that you are pregnant. Do not be overly embarrassed you are not the first.

If you became pregnant after you had set your wedding date and reception venue. Then it is important to make sure your dress or gown will compliment your shape the month you are getting married.

Let your designer or retailer know your condition and your due date when you select your outfit. There are several styles that will compliment the shape you will be in.

If you have any friends or family who are not comfortable with your condition or wedding plans. Do not invite them to be part of your wedding party or to be a guest at your wedding.

There is enough emotional stress connected with weddings in general. You do not need to have more.

There is usually no sense pretending otherwise. Your Maid of Honor can theme one of your showers as a bridal-baby shower. Then you get the best of both events.

Elopement – one of weddings special situations.

Traditionally an elopement is a secret marriage that is legally binding.

Today the word elopement has almost been replaced by the honeymoon wedding where couples go to another destination to get married on their holiday.

Quite often couples who elope do so for financial reasons. Or because of family resistance. Often they or their family or friends will have a reception when they return.

If you are planning to elope in your home town or city make sure you follow the procedure in securing a marriage license. Make an appointment with an official who can marry you.

Las Vegas is known as one of the major places for elopement. But their licenses do have rules and documentation requirements.

If you are planning to have a destination wedding check out the section on the main menu of our website.

Special Event Weddings – one of weddings special situations.

Special event weddings offer romantic, practical solutions for couples on a tight schedule or budget. Or those dealing with family difficulties. For some it is the perfect solution to wanting to do something different.
Check the papers and the Internet for malls, consumer shows or radio stations that run major contests for weddings at their venue or facility. This all happens in return for publicity for their venue, gown or location.

Before you place your name in a Wedding of the Year contest look over the rules and regulations. This is to make sure you have not bought anything before you enter.

If you are selected as the lucky couple it is a good idea to have the official letter of congratulations read by a lawyer. To confirm what you will receive by participating and to know what your obligations are.

Usually a mall or public show connects with a radio station to make the promotion happen. The major gifts often include a gown, tuxedos, flowers, limousines and a reception.

However these publicity events usually do not always sit well with parents and relatives.

Keep this in mind if you have an opportunity to enter such a contest like this. You might just win!

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