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Bridal gown for weddings trending by Narces.

Photo: Kin Wong/WHNetwork, Narces bridal dresses at the 2019 Toronto Fashion Week.

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Our readers are people planning their wedding and honeymoon, and they are searching for products, services, and destinations. The planning is between one-to-three years before their wedding never to return again – unless one of them is having a second wedding! is a digital media content website. It was established in 1999, and delivers world-article content to connect consumers to the marketplace.

Media article pages are published and added 24/7 featuring the latest trends for weddings, travel and newlyweds.

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    •    74% female.
    •    26% male.
    •    68% have college degree or higher. 18% have graduate or professional degree.
    •    32% have an annual household income over 60K+. 23% earn 100K+.
    •    54% are ages 22-39. 35% of readers are 22-29. (Quantcast data).


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