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Wedding vows traditional or writing your own

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Wedding vows can be traditional or you can write your own.

Wedding Vows at a ceremony at Cibolo Creek Ranch in Texas.
• Photo at Cibolo Creek Ranch by Tomas Ramos.

Wedding vows are said to be the highest vow spoken.

Down through the years traditional wedding vows have been said at ceremonies by ministers, priests and rabbis.

And it was In the 1950s when wedding ceremonies began to become less formal with the growth of interfaith and interracial ceremonies.

These are Wedding Vows that officiants traditionally use.
“Do you (Groom’s name),
take (Bride’s name) to be your lawful wedded wife,
to love, to honor, to cherish for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, until death do you part?”
The Groom would response “I do”.

The officiant would then ask the Bride.
“Do you (Bride’s name),
take (Groom’s name) to be your lawful wedding husband,
to love, to honor and to cherish for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, until death do you part?”
The Bride would respond “I do.”

Wedding vows that exchange I Do or I Will can be as traditional as you want.

There are now hundreds of ways to say I Do. The exchanging of vows is one of the treasures of the wedding ceremony. So do not overlook it during your planning to make everything perfect.
Vows can be formal, traditional or you may choose to write your own vows for your marriage. Non-traditional wedding vows can include whatever you wish. Such as ceremonies of reaffirmation of vows, children from previous marriages, older couples and spiritual vows.

Before you start to write your vows check with the officiant to make sure this is in keeping with your type of ceremony. Some religious ceremonies insist on traditional vows only.

Most non-traditional vows are written either in a question-answer format, a monologue or a dialogue format. There are no guidelines for content or length except to check with your officiant.

Your can personalize vows to be anything you wish. A poem. A selection from the classics. An ethnic heritage piece. Or a symbol of your love, such as a flower that the groom can hand to his bride when he says his vow to her.

The bride accepts the flower and responds.

Additional types of wedding vows and tips to create your own.

• Special occasion vows. When the wedding date is on a holiday such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.
• Environmental emphasizing. Where the wedding is taking place and why you chose it. Such as a garden, on a beach, in a park and so forth.

• Second time around. Usually these vows are very personal, as these weddings often include children from a former marriage.

• Most older couples have probably been married before. Quite often brides- and grooms-to-be are either divorced or widowed.

Some want the traditional vows, but often write personal vows. Or they request special vows that are meaningful to their personal particular situation.

• Spiritual vows. These vows are not only made to each other, but also reinforce the religious commitment the couple has to their God. Many vows take the form of prayers.

The Ring Vow.
Many couples are also writing their own ring vows. Which is usually made after the officiant blesses the rings. And seen as the symbol of the couple’s lifetime commitment to each other.

Renewal of Vows is the Reaffirmation Ceremony.
Traditionally the renewing of vows at a reaffirmation ceremony often takes place after a couple has been married five years or longer. But today some couples are renewing their vows on each anniversary.

Some couples duplicate their original wedding ceremony as closely as they can. And including their original spoken vows to which they often add new thoughts.

The reception is usually a wonderful home party. And the anniversary couple can proudly display their photographs and video taken on their wedding day. As well as family photos of their children and grandchildren.

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