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Wedding Video styles tips check list for booking

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Each Videographer has their own wedding video style.
Wedding Video styles tips check list for booking.

A documentary style wedding video often shows footage of everything the bride and groom do on their wedding day.

The most expensive wedding video is usually a biography of your lives in pictures. And it starts with a home video with music creating your story that begins when the both of you were children. Then your growing-up years. Your engagement. The preparation for your wedding. Your showers and bachelor parties. Your ceremony, reception and ending with some comment on where you are going on your honeymoon. Or some honeymoon footage that you later incorporate into the tape.

Of course you may not want such an elaborate video record. Even the simplest wedding video these days usually incorporates stills, graphics and special effects.

A documentary style wedding video often shows footage of the Bride and everything she does on her wedding day.

The videographer interviews people on camera who have assisted her all the way. From the makeup artist to the band leader or DJ at the reception. And everything in between.

The music, graphics and special effects need not be elaborate so long as they reflect the mood and style of the ceremony and celebration.

Wedding Video styles tips check list for booking your videographer.

The least expensive wedding video is shot with one camera and records only the events you are paying for.

Music and graphics are then edited into your final tape. Everything has a cost. If you want to add bells and whistles make sure you know what you are paying for.

Decide how important it is to you to have your wedding recorded on tape. Your budget will depend upon editing and special effects.

Interview videographers in the same way you do your photographers. Look at their wedding videos and study what they have covered that resembles what you want.

Note the quality of the tape and the editing to make sure it is smooth and makes sense.

A standard video package includes your entire wedding story. A finished tape of the day’s events can run from one hour to two hours depending on your activity and how the tape is edited.

Some videographers offer a 10-15 minute highlight tape which will preview the regular longer version.

You can set up a TV set with a VCR or CD / DVD to play the wedding tape at your reception.

Ask if you can upload a video to your wedding website if you have one, or to YouTube during your wedding. And what, if any are the costs.

If any of your family and friends are going to videotape the events of the day ask them to share a copy of their tapes with you.

You might want to add their sequences into your master tape.

Wedding Video styles tips check list for booking.

If you are renting a camera for an amateur to use make sure it is a portable battery-operated, half-inch tape camera with a recorder.

It should be fully automatic with playback and include a tripod.

You will need to rent two battery packs so that one is always fully charged. The tape should be on SP (the two-hour speed) to give you a better quality picture.

Be sure the person who is running the video has plenty of time to practice. And goes to the ceremony and reception locations beforehand.

They should take someone with them who they can be used as a stand-in for you while checking for light and sound.

The rehearsal should be taped for practice and as a standby.

Wedding Video Things to Check Ahead of Time.

1. Photographers and videographers sometimes work together and can offer you a package deal.

2. Ask how many cameras will be covering your wedding.

3. And the number of hours the videographer’s fee includes.

4. Make sure you ask what their back-up plan is in case the videographer’s camera breaks down.

5. Watch how the videographer works in low light settings to capture good images. And in existing or poor lighting conditions.

6. What is the videographer’s payment policy? Do not pay the full amount upon signing the contract. Pay by credit card so that if the service is not rendered you will have a cash-back recourse.

7. Ask to see a copy of their standard contract to make sure their terms, services, additional costs, products, guarantee, and liabilities are listed.

8. How long after the wedding will your tape be ready for preliminary viewing? How long after the first edit will your tape be ready?

9. How many people will be part of the wedding video team? Make a note of the number for the food list at your reception.

10. Ask to view the unedited tape. You might see something in it that you want or don’t want in your finished wedding video or CD / DVD.

11. You may want to insert images from your honeymoon into the video. If so, check the image format that they need for editing purposes and any cost.

12. Ask how many copies will you receive of the finished product.

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