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Wedding Venues Ceremonies Receptions Catering

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Several wedding venues can accommodate ceremonies and receptions.

Wedding Venues Ceremonies Receptions Catering.

Wedding venues guest seating idea.

Planning tips when you shop wedding venues.

Different size wedding venue locations.
First decide the estimated number of wedding guests. Then you can call the catering manager at any establishment. Make a list of questions to establish some knowledge about their facility.

There are certain things that make wedding receptions memorable. The ambiance of the location. And how closely it fits into your wedding and color themes.

The food is equally important. Check out the kitchen.

Most banquet managers will have their chef prepare a dinner of your choice to sample.

Check out the washrooms. Make sure they have adequate handicap areas if needed. Depending on the season of your reception check that the heating or cooling system is adequate.

Remember to put the Wedding Venues information in your binder.

Remember to put the information you gather in your binder.

Once you start checking out locations it’s confusing as to who said what.

Keep your information simple. Record the time. Date. Place. Names of people you speak to. Make separate information sheets for each venue.

There are three types of venues for wedding receptions. On-site. Off-site and in-between locations.

On-site locations.

On-site means that the facility is all-inclusive. They can provide most or all of the services you will need.

They are places like banquet halls, hotels, clubs and some restaurants.

Some places of worship, community centers and historical sites have their own halls. They can also provide a number of services. Very elaborate food is usually catered in.

Off-site locations.

The off-site locations don’t offer services on the premises. Just the basic rooms.

Some may or may not have kitchens. Ask for a list of services they do provide. Also for a list of caterers who have used the facility.

Ask the same questions from your on-site list that are appropriate for your off-site list.

Most Wedding Venues can accommodate ceremonies and receptions.

In-between locations.

The in-between location is where some but not all services are provided.

Go over all your lists carefully even if there is some duplication.

Your reception is too important to leave anything to chance.

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