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Wedding travel gift registry adding cruise destination

November 3, 2015 1:16 pmViews: 259

Give the Wedding Travel Gift of Cruise Travel.
Wedding travel gift registry adding cruise destination.

Do you need a gift idea for someone special? Consider a gift that fits just about everyone, no matter their age, their size, their interests or where they live.

They will experience all the fun of selecting a cruise destination. Their ship and itinerary. All with the help of a personal cruise expert.
A complete cruise may be more than your wedding travel gift budget allows. No problem. You can still give a gift card in an amount that you can comfortably afford which the recipient can use toward the cost of a cruise.

If your loved one has already scheduled a cruise ask your cruise expert about purchasing shipboard credits as a gift. While cruises are all-inclusive vacations with accommodations dining and entertainment included in a single cruise fare.  There are optional extras that passengers can purchase on board. These typically include spa services, alcoholic beverages, photos, shore excursions and specialty dining. On-board credits can be used to pay for any of these.
After you decide on a gift of cruise travel have fun thinking up a creative presentation.

Wedding travel gift registry can be added to your destination.

Wedding travel gift registry adding cruise destination.

For example.

• Ask your cruise expert for some colorful cruise brochures. Put them in a gift box with the gift card. On a paper map highlight some of the exotic cruise destinations that your loved ones may be interested in. Then use it as wrapping paper.

• Travelers always need an extra bag. Purchase anything from a small backpack to take on shore excursions to a full-size suitcase. Place the gift card and some cruise brochures in a front pocket so that they peek out.

• For a gift of shipboard credits gather some items related to the cruise destination. Such as sunscreen and flip-flops for the Caribbean. Some binoculars for watching wildlife off the coast of Alaska. Wrap them up with a list of the special extras that can be enjoyed with shipboard credits.

By giving cruise travel in the form of a gift card from Cruise Holidays your special person can choose when and how to use it. A Cruise Holidays gift card never expires.

Gift tips courtesy Cruise Holidays.

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