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Wedding Toasts traditional or modern guidelines

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Wedding Toasts can be traditional or made up, and most toasts change on the spot.

Wedding Toasts traditional and modern guidelines for your reception.

Wedding Toasts traditional and modern ideas. 

Wedding Toasts traditional or modern guidelines with sterling flutes.

Sterling flutes.

There are no rules.

Wedding Toasting is a time for rejoicing.

Wedding Toasts often start out traditionally and as the affair goes on, the rules relax – anything goes – and it usually does!

Guidelines for who says what to the bride, groom, and the bride and groom as a couple.   The wedding party, and fathers of the bride and groom.

Wedding Toasts to the Bride.

(Usually from the Best Man).
Ladies and gentlemen, please stand and join in the toast to the bride.  Health, happiness and the best life has to offer.  To _______________________ (the bride’s name).

I have known ____________ (the bride) for _________ (years), and I/we are please to be at her wedding to _________________ (the groom).  Ladies and gentlemen, please join in a toast to the bride that her days be filled with happiness always. 

To the beautiful and radiant bride _______________.   I/we send you the best for a happy married life full of good health, fortune and happiness.

(From the Groom).
To my bride, my wife _________________ (the bride).  I would like to propose a toast to you for making me so happy and to our life together forever.

To my bride ____________.  You’ve made me the happiest and luckiest man in the world and I look forward to what the future holds for us.

Wedding Toasts to the Groom.

(Usually from the Best Man).
As my best friend, it makes me so happy to see you ___________ (groom) start your new life together with _________ (bride). I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, good health and success from this day forward.

(from the Bride)
To my husband __________ (the groom), with this toast I pledge my love to you forever, and thank you for making my dreams come true.

To the Bride and Groom as a couple.

(From the Best Man or anyone).
I am honored to have been asked to give the traditional toast to ___________ (Bride) and ________ (Groom) on this celebration.  May your lives be filled with good health, understanding, success, and happiness.  To the newlyweds!

To __________________ (Bride) and ____________ (Groom), may the most you want in life be the least you ever receive.

Ladies and gentlemen, please stand with me as we raise our glasses in a toast to the Bride and Groom, _________ and __________________.  We wish you a lifetime of health, good fortune and happiness.

To the happy couple __________ (Bride) and __________ (Groom) may you stay in love forever.

__________________ (Bride) and ______________ (Groom), congratulations on your marriage, and my/our best wishes go with you both.

To __________ (Bride) and __________ (Groom), congratulations to the both of you and God bless your marriage.

To ___________ (Bride) and __________ (Groom), may all your days be as happy as today. I toast you.

Wedding Toasts to The Wedding Party.

(From the Best Man).
It is my pleasure to offer thanks and good wishes to all those who participated in the wedding party on behalf of the couple we are honoring  ____________ (Bride) and __________ (Groom) on their special day.

With your assistance throughout the planning of their wedding and the wonderful performance today you have helped make this celebration a beautiful and memorable one.

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a toast to the wedding party.

Guidelines for Wedding Toasts to create your own.

From the Father of the Bride.

(To his Daughter).
To my loving and lovely daughter, __________ (Bride) as you start your new life with __________ (Groom). May all your dreams come true.

What a day! It’s been wonderful. Your mother and I want to wish you both the very best and to let you know the door is always open to the both of you. We welcome you ___________ (Groom) into our family.

From the day you were born, I always wondered what this day would be like. Now that it’s here, you’ve made me the proudest Dad in the room.

My heart is always there for you ____________ (bride). May all your dreams come true. Congratulations on your wedding day.

Wedding Toasts from the Father of the Groom.

(To his Son).
To my son ________ and his new Bride ____________. May your lifetime together be as happy as you have made us since you were born.

All through the years you have been a son that we have been so proud of.

This is your shining day, and your mother and I want to wish you and your new Bride good health, happiness, and understanding as you start your new life together as man and wife.

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