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Wedding Sweet Tables Dessert Station themes

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Wedding sweet tables and stations carry out themes. 
Wedding Sweet Tables Dessert Station by Quality Kosher Catering.
Wedding Sweet Tables Dessert Station menu ideas for your planning.

Wedding Sweet Tables Dessert Station chocolate gateau mousse.

Chocolate Gateau mousse dessert on your wedding sweet tables.

When you are looking for your wedding sweet tables themes, keep food allergies in mind to make sure you have something for everyone.

You can discuss this with your caterer.  Most fruits can cover this area.  If someone is allergic to a certain fruit they usually know what to stay away from.

Sweet tables can include an assortment of fresh fruit, cakes, tortes, petit four, cookies, flans, chocolate, candies, international coffees, cheeses and seasonal specials.

In addition you can choose to add additional sweet table stations that are focused on specific themes.

And you can request any type of dessert table or station you wish to have at your reception.

Wedding Sweet Tables and Dessert Station show themes .

Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate for Wedding Sweet Tables.
Pretzel rods. Half-dipped chocolate chip cookies. Brownies. Chocolate coffee pot. Chocolate cordial glass with raspberries. Bark, biscotti, shavings and forms with mixed fruit. Chocolate bars with mousse. And chocolate props with whipped cream. Wow!

And more chocolate choices. Chocolate candies. Cherry bombs. Peanut butter patties. Pyramids. Turtles. Chocolate mint cookies. Bar cookies. Chocolate Croissants. And mocha mousse shot cups.

Chocolate Cakes, Flans and Berries.
A selection of chocolate treats including Chocolate Bombe cake. Seven Layer cake. Treasure Chest flan. Truffles. Grape clusters. Strawberries dipped.
Wedding Sweet Tables Dessert Station by Quality Kosher Catering.

Wedding Dessert Theme Station Ideas.

Theme Station.
Made up of items with your theme items and colors.

Coffee Station.
A variety of international flavors of coffee and tea. Served with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Cold Stone Ice Cream Station.
Pre-chilled marble slab on ice. Several flavors of ice cream. With a unique assortment of toppings.

Cookie Station.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake. With an assortment of homemade cookies and brownies.

Creme Brulee Station.
Assorted flavors of creme Brulee with the sugar crust blow-torched at the station.

Crepe Station.
Fresh fruit sauteed with pecan butter and orange liqueur served in crepes. Crepe suzettes. Strawberry shortcake. Guests can flambé crepes with orange liqueur. Make their own strawberry shortcake from its components. Or mix up the concept and make strawberry and ice cream crepes.

Dipping Station.
Strawberries. Pretzels. Chips and cookies to dip in chocolate. Assorted sprinkles, nuts and toppings.

French Toast Station.
Made with traditional challah. Toppings include cinnamon sugar, maple syrup, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream. Boat Shaped Waffles are also available in place of the French toast.

Fresh Fruit Station.
A seasonal fresh fruit display with whole and cut fruit.

Fried Ice Cream Station.
Small scoops of ice cream rolled in nuts and fried at the table.

Fudge & More Stations.
A marble slab with an assortment of homemade fudge and caramels. A chef actively making peanut brittle.

Gelato Station.
An exciting selection of gelato flavors with sauces, toppings and garnishes.

Just Cakes Station.

Fresh baked cakes. Chocolate with a soft chocolate center. Plated with creme anglaise, mandarin orange slice and a touch of whipped cream.

Mexican Hot Heads Station.
French pastry puffs deep-fried at the table. Dusted with cinnamon, cayenne pepper and other toppings.

Pastries & Cakes Table.

Pizza Cookie Station.
Using a shortbread cookie guests can design their own pizza. Creamy peanut butter spread. Raspberry preserves and chocolate mousse sauces. Chopped cherries, nuts, chocolate chips, coconut and candied sprinkles toppings.

Parfait Station.
Lady fingers soaked in coffee or liquor and set in stem glasses. Topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Warm Desserts.
Options include apple and cherry cobbler. Chocolate bread pudding with a vanilla cream sauce. Warm apple dumplings with a caramel sauce. Apple and cherry strudel. Wine poached pears.

Photo: Chocolate Gateau Chocolate chiffon layered with rich chocolate mousse. Enrobed in a bittersweet chocolate ganache. Garnished with fresh seasonal berries.

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