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Wedding Styles Themes Types Colors Trends Ideas

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Wedding styles themes trends ideas. Once you have established guidelines you can develop a planning budget.

 Wedding Styles Themes Types Colors Trends Ideas.  Wedding Styles Themes Types Colors Trends Ideas.  Wedding Styles Themes Types Colors Trends Ideas.

Wedding Styles Themes Types Colors Trends Ideas. 

Before you start creating your wedding style and theme decide if it will be formal or informal. A religious ceremony or a civil one. Or an elopement.

Once you have established these guidelines you can start developing the planning budget. Start to list items you’ll require for your wedding.

When you’ve decided on what type of a wedding you can choose your color scheme. This carries out throughout your wedding and reception.

You may have a favorite color or an exciting color scheme combination.

Use solid colors if you want to be traditional. If you want to be contemporary use black and white, pastels or a shaded combination.

A theme wedding usually will dictate your colors or a version of them.

Where you are planning to be married, ask if there are any special requirements before you set your wheels in motion. As you develop your unique wedding plan and budget you will be encountering all sorts of things you had not thought of.

If something is too difficult look for an alternative. Depending on how important it is or what it is you can rent, borrow or buy props. Be ready to compromise without losing sight of your original wedding theme or budget.

Wedding Styles Don’t Always Go with Trends.

Wedding styles include themes and colors.
In theory every wedding has a theme. Some are just more obvious than others.

If you plan to have a special theme wedding it is probably because you do not want a wedding like everyone else. You will need lots of time to research every detail to make it happen.

Details will include the environment. Menu. Music. Entertainment. Invitations. Wedding program. Place cards. Costumes for staff and most important of all your wedding outfits.

The easiest theme to choose is one that is close to you. You are only limited by your imagination. If you aren’t sure what theme you would like develop a theme page and start to research different ideas.

Wedding Styles and Themes to consider.
• Your province / state or another venue in your country.
• A country that has special meaning to you.
• Black and white. Black, white and gold or silver.
• Candlelight.
• Ethnic.
• Holiday.
• Seasonal.

• On the beach in or near your home town.
• In a park or an historical location.
• In-door or an out-door garden.

• Hearts and flowers.
• Evening.
• Midnight.

• Military.
• Circus, carnival or casino.
• Roaring twenties with mirror balls.
• Big Band.
• Medieval.

• Caribbean.
• Fairy tale.
• Elvis & the ’50s rock ‘n roll.
• Movie themes such as Titanic or Gone with the Wind.

• A hobby or sport that either one of you enjoy.
• Unique tourist places.
• Country or barns with or without farm animals.
• Hobbies that either one of you enjoy.

• An adventure wedding.
• Helicopter ride over Niagara Falls or where you live.
• In a hot air balloon.
• White water rafting.

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