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Wedding Stress tips to prevent it from happening

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Wedding stress tips for brides to be prepared for anything!
Wedding Stress tips how to prevent

Wedding stress tips when planning weddings and lifetime choices.

Be prepared. Check those references. Caterers. Photographers. Entertainers and wedding planners.

Make sure you have thought out the invitations. As well as the seating, travel and rehearsal planning. 

Then on the big day delegate and accept whatever happens.

Here are some wedding stress tips to help you look fantastic, be gracious and have fun!

Wedding Stress tips to prevent it from happening.

Use of sedatives and alcohol to sleep are usually a bad idea. They are addictive and build tolerance. They also cause withdrawal symptoms if you don’t maintain them. 

Even worse they disrupt the normal cycles of sleep which cleanse the mind and soul. But without sleep you will look bad. Make bad choices and usually unpleasant to be around.

For the entire week before the wedding get in the habit of exercising during the day. Never taking caffeine after 3PM. Turn off all the phones and disturbances. Using the bedroom only for sleep.

If you still have difficulty getting to sleep. Ask your doctor or a pharmacist what you should consider taking for 25-75 mg over the counter sleeping pill two hours before an early bedtime. It is short-acting and lacks the narcotic pitfalls of your typical sleeping pills.

Fifty-percent of people are chronic carriers of Oral Herpes the cause of the cold sores. Twenty-five percent are carriers of Genital Herpes. If you have had either you should take daily suppression with Acyclovir or a related medication. Tale two weeks before the wedding right through to the honeymoon. Weddings are stressful and stress causes outbreaks.

Birth Control Pills.
If you are on them then you know your system. If you are not on them and want to be, contact your doctor.  

Cold and Flu prevention.
Get vaccinated for this season’s flu strains. Wash you hands frequently after being in any public situations. Or around kids. Never touch or rub your eyes. It’s the main way people contract colds and flus. If people near you at work are coughing and sneezing all day long wear a surgical mask for protection.

Wedding stress tips for you to be aware of when shopping or planning.

Meditation – Learn to meditate.
This does not necessarily mean chanting to a blue elephant. It involves being able to take 5-10 minutes in a quiet place with your eyes closed to be alone with your thoughts. You need to learn to control your breathing. Understand and embrace your fears and fantasies. Then visualize your desired and attainable wedding goals. Like all top athletes believe you need to accept failure yet visualize success. This should help you master the feelings and mindset required so that wedding jitters don’t ruin your special day.

Wedding Stress tips include eating healthy and exercise.

Eat healthy.
This is a lifelong thing. Since many women are emotional eaters try to eat healthy in the months leading up to the wedding. Eat small meals with lots of water. A balance of fruits and vegetables. Meats, fish or chicken. Avoid binges of high glycemic foods such as breads, pastas, rice and sweets. They release the fat storage hormone and insulin. 

And while taking a diuretic or water pill may help fit you into your dress. It is NOT a good idea. Dehydration affects your mental functioning, metabolism and stamina. In the extreme it can cause heart beat irregularity, fainting and seizures.

Yoga has become very popular and for good reason. It improves flexibility, strength and focus. In some active forms such as Vinyasa can be quite the aerobic and fat-burning work out. 

If you prefer traditional exercise be sure to mix cardio, core and strength training. Keep it interesting. Make the body constantly challenged and improving.

A program of exercise is a critical lifestyle choice. It relieves stress, improves sleep, and keeps you healthy. And activates telomerase a crucial enzyme that repairs the DNA caps of chromosomes.

Wedding Stress tips to help prevent it from happening.

About Telomerase Activation.
For discovering how telomerase maintains our cells in a youthful condition three scientists won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009. In recent years scientists have shown in both mice and men that the signs and symptoms of aging can be reversed by activating telomerase. It’s a universal stem cell healing engine in our bodies that is improved with sleep. Immune health. Meditation, exercise and proper nutrition. For more information on telomerase contact your doctor.

Sponsored Tips: Dr. Edward Park, founder, Rechârge Biomedical Clinic.

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