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Wedding Ringbearer outfits duties photos hair

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Wedding Ringbearer can help by being on his best behavior.

Wedding Ringbearer at the Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton April 29 2011.

Wedding ringbear in Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Party April 29, 2011.

Order of the Day for the young wedding ringbearer. No tantrums and no tears. Lots of laughs and smiles.

Young children are chosen because they lend a feeling of innocence to the procession. And they take cute pictures. But, just remember they are kids!

And you have to be ready for anything to happen!

Wedding Ringbearer outfits, his duties, and posing for photos.

The Ringbearer.

In traditional weddings the Ringbearer walks down the aisle beside the Flower Girl. And he holds a fancy pillow with the wedding rings on it.

In modern weddings the Best Man holds the real wedding bands. And to simulate the custom, attach fake rings to the pillow for the Ringbearer to carry.

When the Bride and Groom have chosen their outfits they will shop for the Ringbearer’s outfit.

The Ringbearers’ outfit is paid for by his family. This can range from his best outfit, a theme costume or a tuxedo. And he usually wears a boutonniere like the groomsmen.

The wedding ringbearer’s parents should explain the responsibilities and duties to him the best that they can.

If an attendant is the parent of the Ringbearer, then they should appoint someone to watch the child.

Whoever is looking after the children should carry a comb and tissues. And whatever else they might need.

Duties for the Wedding Ringbearer depending on your wedding style.

Engagement Party. Upon invitation attend the engagement party if there is one.

Bachelor Parties. Ring Bearers do not receive invitations to bachelor parties.

Bridal Luncheon. Upon invitation attend the luncheon. The host is usually the Mother of the Bride.


This is an important date for the Ring Bearer. As he probably has never done this before. And the instructions should be said to him in a language he understands.

Rehearsal Dinner.

The children in the wedding party traditionally do not receive invitations to the Rehearsal Dinner. As it usually starts after 8-9pm.

The Ringbearer’s pillow.

The Wedding Ringbearer will need to practice carrying the pillow with the rings attached on them.

And he needs to see what the Flower Girl will be doing. Especially if she is going to be tossing petals. And they can practice their presentation together.

A Wedding Ringbear duty is for him to walk down the aisle.


His hair is usually done at the same place as the rest of the Wedding Party. But, the Bride, Groom and their parents can decide.


The children in the Wedding Party should know to smile when they see a camera. The official wedding photographer usually organizes the group photographs.


• The Ringbearer goes to the ceremony in the car that is planned.

• Checking Props. Check the Ringbearers pillow. And make sure the rings are pinned on tight.

• The Processional. The children usually walk in front of the Bride. But, it will depend on the type of service.

• The Ceremony. The children stand with the attendants. Or take their place with their parents. The children are usually sit in a front row depending on their ages and the type of service.

• The Recessional. The children usually walk out behind the Bride and Groom. It varies with the type of service.


• Receiving Line. The children usually do not participate unless request is by the Bride or Groom.

• Seating. The Bride and Groom and attendants usually sit at a head table. Children in the Wedding Party can sit with their parents at separate tables. Unless the couple arranges for them to sit at the head table.

• Dancing. After the first dance ceremonies finishes, the children can dance with whoever they want. Including the Bride and Groom.

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