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Wedding Receptions Planning Budgets Booking

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  Checking out venues for wedding receptions.

Wedding receptions planning budgets and booking tips for your venue.

  Try to finalize your guest list before checking venue wedding receptions. 

   Tips for wedding receptions when shopping for a venue.  

  Different size venue locations. 
Once you have set the number of guests that you are inviting to your reception.  Then you can call the catering manager at any establishment you are considering.  So that you can establish some knowledge about their facility.

There are certain things that make wedding receptions memorable. The ambiance of the location. And how closely it fits into your wedding and color themes.

The food is equally important. Check out the kitchen.

Most banquet managers will have their chef prepare a dinner of your choice to sample.

Check out the washrooms. Make sure they have adequate handicap areas if needed. Depending on the season of your reception be sure that the heating or cooling system is adequate.

Remember to put the information you gather on wedding receptions in your binder.

Once you start checking out locations it’s confusing as to who said what.

Keep your information simple. Record the time. Date. Place. Names of people you speak to. Make separate information sheets for each venue.

There are three types of venues for wedding receptions. On-site, off-site and in-between locations.

Wedding Receptions. On-site locations.

On-site means that the facility is all-inclusive. And they can provide most or all of the services you will need.

They are places like banquet halls, hotels, clubs and some restaurants.

Some places of worship, community centers, and historical sites have their own halls. And they can also provide a number of services. However, you can usually cater very elaborate or special food requests.

Wedding Receptions. Off-site locations.

The off-site locations do not offer services on the premises. Just the basic rooms.

Some may or may not have kitchens. Ask for a list of services they do provide. And for a list of caterers who have used the facility.

Ask the same questions from your on-site list that are appropriate for your off-site list.

Wedding Receptions. In-between locations.

The in-between location is where some but not all services are provided.

Go over all your lists carefully even if there is some duplication.

Your reception is too important to leave anything to chance.

Ballrooms can be transferred to showpieces for your Wedding.

Use your dreams to transform a ballroom into a showplace for your wedding.

Wedding Receptions Venue tips.

Tips for cost-savings food, beverage and décor.
Guarantee the venue approximately five-to-ten percent less than expected. This gives a little cushion. The majority of the time not everyone shows up for the function.

Socially speaking.
Wedding receptions can reuse the flowers from the ceremony. Move them to the dinner portion of the evening. While guests are enjoying the cocktail hour in a different location in the venue.

The event planners simply move florals wherever required. If the ceremony is in a different place add this to your organizational list.

Cost saving tips for wedding receptions that can make any budget look great.

Whether the budget is large or small from a décor standpoint take the time to find the company with the most creativity.
You’ll notice immediately the companies who simply want to sell you props. To those who are willing to work within your financial parameters.

Creative companies offer the very best recommendations based on what you have to spend.

Limit the size of your room to the needs of your group.

Many groups utilize ballrooms too large for their number of people. They wind up paying huge sums to cut the room with fabric or drop the ceiling.

Use what your room gives you. Certain venues provide their own unique architectures and designs.

Instead of developing the theme with extensive props utilize a lighting design to show what you already have.

One cost-saving tip is to ‘piggyback’ on another event’s menu.

When you need to lower the cost of food and beverage ask if you could piggyback on another event’s menu that day. The kitchen will then order more of the same food and have less waste. The preparation becomes easier as well.

Photo & Tips courtesy ME Productions, Florida. Visit

When you are shopping venues that are for wedding receptions it important to keep crucial things in mind before saying yes to a venue.

Everyone wants to look back at their wedding day as a dream come true.

With a little help and a vision for exactly what you want it’s possible to make the day perfect.

Five key recommendations when looking for the ideal wedding venue.

Décor while the theme is a primary consideration it’s important to consider what technology the venue provides.

Many reception spaces now offer things that most people haven’t thought about when planning their wedding.

Most wedding venues have video screens. Some can practically surround the entire room. This allows the bride and groom to customize the entire visual experience. Also with graphics to match their theme.

Consider your guests at the venues for wedding receptions. Even though it is your big day don’t forget about your guests.

Are there nearby hotels or accommodations? Is there sufficient parking. Will they have to walk a long distance?

Will there be chairs during the ceremony? Or if it’s standing only will chairs be available for the elderly? Is there a wheelchair ramp? Where are the washrooms? Are they wheelchair accessible?

Go all-in-one many weddings now are all performed at the same venue.

The great thing about this is that the ceremony and reception photos can all be done in one location. Cutting down on transportation costs and traffic congestion. Also, the time spent waiting in-between the ceremony and reception.

All-in-one locations are preferred simply because they take a lot of the stress out of the day.

For outdoor ceremonies make sure that the venue not only has a picturesque setting but also a backup plan in case of bad weather.

• Wedding receptions Hidden costs. If a deal seems too good to be true. Or if you have doubts about the actual cost. You may want to take a step back and look things over again.

To ease concerns make sure you get everything in writing. Have a good relationship with the wedding planner. Above all ensure that the venue has a good reputation.

Get a professional most serious wedding venues have a wedding planner on staff. They help prepare your day and ensure that it goes smoothly.

No one knows the ins and outs of the facility better than the on-site wedding planner. They should be counted on to make your vision a reality.

The best part is that they are there to take the planning stress off of your shoulders. Letting you focus on the fun of your big day.

Be sure to take your time when evaluating venues. Have an open mind because you never know what you might be missing out on.

Tips are courtesy of Kyla Poirier, the Wedding Planner at Bingemans, Kitchener, ON Canada.

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