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Wedding Reception Seating Arrangements

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Wedding Reception Seating Arrangements for guests.

Wedding Reception Seating Arrangements and PlaceCards.

Place Cards for weding reception seating are by

A reception after all is really a grand party. And worth taking time to get the table arrangements right.

Once you know how many people are coming you can start to work on the wedding reception seating plan and preparing the place cards.

You can then decide if you want a head table or a Bride & Groom roundtable. Seating trivia is that the head table is sometimes called The Bride’s Table.

When preparing your seating plan keep aware of any strains in family relationships. Your favorite relatives and friends. Out-of-town guests and people you do not know but your parents have invited.

Each table at the reception will have a number card on it. Which will be removed after the guests are all seated.

Your guests will pick up their place cards from a table at the entrance.

The cards should be in alphabetical order for the wedding reception seating. Along with a copy of your seating plan. If it is a large reception the seating plan may be placed on an easel near the door.

Ask a friend or relative to supervise the seating area. Prepared for seniors and any guest in a wheelchair.

Round tables come in different sizes for seating six, eight or ten people.

The smaller the table the easier it is for people to talk to each other and the more intimate the affair becomes.

Wedding Reception Seating for Your Head Table & Guests.

Head Table Wedding Reception Seating.
The head table is where the Bride, Groom and the wedding party are seated. It is usually on one side of a long table usually on a raised platform facing into the room.

Decorations on the head table should be low and simple so as not to block the view of the wedding party.

The Bride sits on the right side of the Groom at the center of the table group. The Best Man is on her immediate right. Then the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen alternating.

The Groom sits on the left side of the Bride with the Maid of Honor on his immediate left. Followed by alternative Groomsmen and Bridesmaids.

If members of the wedding party are married they may prefer to sit with their families.

The Bride & Groom Table ideas for Your Wedding Reception Seating.

The table is used when there is not a head table. Or to accommodate an overflow of the wedding party and immediate family.

It may accommodate six to ten people. Such as the Groom, Best Man, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.

The Parents’ Table.
Depending on the size of the wedding parents of the Bride and Groom can sit together. Or have separate parents’ tables to take care of grandparents, immediate family and often the officiant.

Wedding Reception Seating Arrangements and PlaceCards.

Wedding Kiss Bells for guests to ring.

Wedding Reception Seating Place Cards.

You can create your own Place Cards or Kiss Cards by hand or on a computer using fancy typefaces.

The cards can be printed on special paper easily available at stationery or business supplies stores.

Most banquet venues keep a stock of blank cards too. Or you can order the cards to match your invitations.

Arranging your guests can be an art in itself. Even if your wedding is small you will want to create tables where the guests are not total strangers to each other. Or if they are where people are likely to have shared interests or occupations.

Mix and match is a good principle.

You do not want all the Jones family at one table. All the accountants at another. And all the dancers at a third table. That’s no fun.

But do not put one accountant at a table of artists and actors. That is bad planning. It is worth taking some time to get the table arrangements right.

A reception after all is really a grand party.

Try to ensure that everyone has fun and someone of a like mind to talk to.

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