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Wedding Reception Entertainment DJs Wedding Singers

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Music assists in creating a rhythm for celebrations.

Wedding Reception Entertainment DJs Wedding Singers.

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Wedding reception entertainment sets the tone.

Wedding reception entertainment assists in establishing a rhythm for celebrations. It can be provided by a DJ, a one-man band with a synthesizer or computer. A musical group with or without electronic equipment. Or an orchestra with a wedding singer.

Depending on the budget professional performers such as comedians or an act that fits into your wedding theme can add to your celebration.

Regardless of what you choose entertainment shouldn’t go over 30 to 45 minutes. This allows time for your guests to enjoy seeing the both of you. And for them to eat, dance and mingle with friends and relatives.

Do not hire a DJ, musicians or entertainment acts without hearing or seeing them perform.

Don’t go only by photos, videos, tapes or web sites.

If you are going to book take the time to see them live. Most entertainers will have a schedule of performances that you can be invited to drop in and view.

Remember to make use of references from other brides and grooms.

Confirm your wedding reception entertainment the day before your wedding.

Wedding Reception Entertainment DJs Wedding Singers


When establishing the music provider for your wedding reception entertainment discuss the type of service you want.

You might want a mix of songs to please invited guests of all ages.

Favorites can include contemporary, romantic ballads, jazz, ethnic or country. Whatever sounds and tunes you want to listen or dance to.

Wedding Reception Entertainment

The wedding singer is an icon of wedding reception history. Sometimes acting as Master of Ceremonies for receptions.

Professional singers pride themselves in knowing just about every song that guests might want to hear. Several know traditional songs associated with ethnic customs.

You can hire a wedding singer separately. They will either provide their own music tapes to the DJ. Or if you are having a live band they will provide the sheet music and rehearse with the band.

The wedding singer may be the lead singer with the live group you are hiring.

When you are shopping for a wedding singer obtain a list of references, videos, cassette tapes or CDs. Check out the references.

Most wedding singers have web sites. If you are hiring an independent wedding singer check the Contract Guidelines which follow.

Wedding Reception Entertainment Contract Guidelines

• Establish if they have played at your reception venue before. If not get a list of their requirements before booking them. This includes electrical outlets, lighting, stage size and more.

• Ensure that the DJ or group/band has a proper sound system that is included in their fee. Check that their sound system will be able to patch into the sound system at your reception venue.

• Know their backup plan if their equipment breaks down.

• Determine whether they are a union or non-union band. You may have to pay more for a union band but if something goes wrong your recourse is to report them to the musicians union

• Ask if the band has a vocalist who performs as a wedding singer. If so use the same guidelines as outlined above in The Wedding Singer section.

• Find out how many breaks they take and the lengths. If you want continuous music throughout the event ask them to provide taped music with a tape-deck during their breaks.


• Let them know the dress code they are to follow.

• Provide the DJ or leader of the group/band with a list of songs you want to hear. Ask the leader for their suggestions.

• Provide the DJ or leader of the group/band if they are your master of ceremonies with a list of names to be acknowledged. Include which dance sets you want them made in.

• If you or a member of your family wants to entertain organize this with the band leader. This may be coordinated with the musician breaks.

• Arrange for their meals. You are not expected to serve them alcoholic beverages.

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