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Wedding Reception Bar Stocking the Spirits

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Popular creations for your wedding reception bar.

Wedding Reception Bar Stocking the Spirits. Gin galic drink by Hendricks.

The Gaelic Splash for the wedding reception bar.

The wedding reception bar is a fun place to stock popular wedding creations.

In past weddings serving Spoon Canapés had a light drizzle of gin which gave complimentary flavors to the appetizers.

The list of the ingredients was longer than most shopping lists. And more complex than a soufflé.

Imagine combining the gin with orange flower water drops and cream. Along with lemon, sugar, eggwhites and elderflower liquor.

Gin is not for everyone. But you can enjoy it as a Bloody Caesar. Dirty Martini or Gin and Tonic.

Signature Drinks like The Gaelic Splash pictured are served in a martini glass or straight up on the rocks.

Wedding Reception Bar Stocking the Spirits. Hendricks gin tonic drink.

Gin and tonic drink.

1 ½ oz. Hendrick’s Gin.
2 oz. orange juice.
½ oz. apricot brandy.
¼ oz. grenadine.
apricot slice/orange twist for garnish.

• Add 1 ½ oz. gin, 2 oz. orange juice and ½ oz. apricot brandy to shaker. Stir and strain into a martini glass.
• Slowly add ¼ oz. grenadine.
• Garnish with an apricot slice or an orange twist.

2 oz. Hendrick’s Gin Tonic Water.

Pour the gin into a tall glass over ice cubes. And fill with tonic water. Stir. Garnish with a cucumber slice or slices.

Hendrick’s Gin is a creation of William Grant & Son. Nestled in the hills of Scotland it has been in operation since 1887. They are one of the few remaining independent family distilleries. The gin comes in a 750ml bottle. Check the cost at your local outlet. Visit

Wedding Reception Bar Stocking the Spirits.

Wedding Reception Bar Stocking the Spirits. Finlandia designer water bottle.

Finlandia designer bottle.

Finlandia Vodka collector harmony with nature bottles.

The Cranes walking in the barley field is one of four limited edition charity water bottles by artist Klaus Haapaniemi. It was in honor of the 40th anniversaries of Earth Day and the vodka company.

The four designs are The Very Tired Rooster representing the Midnight Sun. Which shines for 73 days straight in the north of Finland.

Untouched Nature represented by a Norse mythological character Ratatosk the red squirrel.

Six-row Barley featuring The Cranes walking in the barley field.

Representing Pure Glacial Spring Water is Thiaridae a freshwater snail.

Each design represents one of the core elements of the company. The Midnight Sun. Untouched Nature. Six-row Barley. And Pure Glacial Spring Water.

These one-liter SIGG water bottles sold for US$28. Finlandia divided all the profits among four global environmental projects. Which were selected to promote sustainability beyond the brand’s distillation footprint.

This cause-marketing program is an early step in a new concerted effort to explore sustainability. And the brand’s harmony with nature. Visit – SW.

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