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Wedding Receiving Lines Guest Books Money Boxes

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Couples decide how to greet their guests and if they want wedding receiving lines.

Wedding Receiving Lines Guest Books Money Boxes.

Prince William and Kate Middleton greeting guests
at one of their wedding receiving lines

If you are going to have a receiving line, you can decide if you want it following the ceremony or the reception. If this seems too formal you may choose to visit each table during the reception.

Wedding receiving lines that follow the ceremony gives the guests an opportunity to greet the Bride and Groom before they go to the reception.

The newlyweds often then go to a location to have photographs taken.

A traditional receiving line at the reception usually takes each guest anywhere from thirty seconds to one minute to go through.

To speed up the process some of the wedding party may be omitted from standing in the line. If you are going to have a receiving line have hors d’oeuvres and drinks served to keep your guests socializing. It also keeps the reception activities going.

The mother of the Bride or whoever is hosting the wedding is the first person in the receiving line.

She then introduces the guest to the next person. The mother of the Groom who in turn will introduce the guest to the Bride and Groom.

The Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids will follow.

Groomsmen and children in the wedding party don’t usually participate in the receiving line.

If the fathers of the couple are going to be included in the receiving line they stand next to their wives. Some fathers prefer to mingle with the guests and thereby keep the line going.

Divorced parents may not want to stand in the line together.

Step-parents often substitute. The position of their extended family members in the receiving line is up to the couple to decide.

Wedding Receiving Lines help couples know who attended.


Guest books at wedding receptions are to keep a record as to who came to your wedding.

It also allows guests to leave notes in the book for the from your guests.

You can order your guest book when you are ordering your invitations. Or shop around for something unique. Or make one yourself.

DIY online wedding decorating sites and craft books have ideas to start you creating.

As an alternative to the guest book some brides are providing a long piece of white scrolled parchment paper. It is placed on the table with pens for the guest’s names and comments.

Pens can be as fancy as you want. You can tie tulle netting or ribbons around them. Or glue tiny white silk or satin rosebuds or white feathers on them.

Decorated pens help to create a special event ambiance. Guests take delight in using them.

Wedding Receiving Lines First Person is Mother of Bride or host.


Wedding Receiving Lines Guest Books Money Boxes.

Wedding Money Box

A unique way to receive monetary envelopes at your reception is to buy or make a money gift box.

They are fancy box creations with slots in them to deposit envelopes.

The box decorations can be as unique images, baskets or anything that will fit in with the wedding theme and colors.

If you are going to have a money gift box at your wedding reception, make sure it is placed where it can be watched by a member of your immediate family.

And it is not improper to have the money box inside the reception area for security reasons.

Traditionally, however, gifts of cash or checks/cheques and given to the groom. Who slip the gifts into their inside jacket pocket.

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