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Wedding professional photographers focus on you

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When all is said and done there is a reason people turn to wedding professional photographers for these important times.
It is too late to find out why after the wedding.

Wedding professional photographers focus on you.

Catherine & Randy having fun during their photo session at Parkwood Estate in Canada.
Photography by Photographic Memories.

Wedding professional photographers are faster, more imaginative, have better equipment and in the end make your day nicer, smoother and deliver far better images. The place to save is somewhere less obvious like the salad or maybe the wine selection.

Wedding professional photographers.

Catherine & Randy at their photo session for their wedding album.

Here are few reasons to skimp on the salad and add a few extra dollars to your image budget.

Wedding professional photographers focus on you.

Catherine posing in her beautiful gown.

Why hire wedding professional photographers?

1. Wedding professional photographers will cheat to get you great images. He shows up with all the equipment your uncle wishes he had. This includes proper lighting, cameras and most importantly lenses.
2. The pro should have years of experience. This makes for better photographs but also makes things move smoother so you are not waiting all day for them to get the shot. Nothing is worse then standing in hot, cold or damp weather while an armature fools around trying to learn what has taken professionals years to perfect.

3. Wedding professional photographers will have extra equipment in case of failures. This happens all the time and they are prepared.

4. The pro has the authority to make things happen and having a job to do. They will direct the other people to get in position and have them smile on cue. An uncle will not feel the authority to move people around as required. And may take all day to do 15 minutes of work.
5.  Wedding professional photographers do not miss things that a friend at your wedding will. They do not drink, dance or mingle the same way a friend will. They are focused on you.
6. After your wedding the pro is still on the case. Family and friends will never get the job finished and you will wait forever.

Wedding professional photographers comments and tips.

Catherine and Randy were a fantastic couple to work with. They chose our company because they had visions they knew we could capture.

With that in mind they did everything perfectly to guarantee that perfection. Here is a list of things you should do to help the wedding professional photographers and videographers.
1. Be on time. Talk to your makeup and hairdresser to make sure you are going to be available to get photographs done in the morning when the image experts arrive.
2. Match the flowers to other colors like lipstick and bride maid  dresses.
3. Smile and be cool. Sweat and red faces ruin the look. Keep air conditioners on and relax. All is good.
4. Wear oil free makeup for that matt soft look.
5. Rent a tux or even buy one. It make a huge difference to the photos.
6. Pick a nice park and give the photographer and/or videographer an hour or so to use it.

Then go out and have a nice time. Your love for each other will shine through and make all the portraits that much better.

Tips courtesy PhotographicMemories.ca.

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