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Wedding planning tips help before you both say I Do

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Wedding planning tips help you make the right choices.

Wedding planning tips help the budgeting process.

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While weddings are wonderful events wedding planning tips help.

The right wedding planning tips help you make decisions.  It is easy to lose track of all the steps in the process.  The tips can often keep you on track.

Wedding planning tips before you both say I Do.

1. Plan ahead. 
Wedding planning starts before you set the ceremony date.  If you have a year to organize your wedding it allows you time to search and book the necessary services.  You don’t want to feel rushed or limited.

2. Budget.
Your wedding is an important event. There are several factors that can add up to equal a large expense. When you begin wedding arrangements set a budget. This will serve as a guide throughout planning. Consider extra costs such as sales tax and gratuities. Leave room for miscellaneous items. The average cost of a wedding is from $20,000 to $30,000.

3. Location.
The location of your wedding is important. It often reflects the vision you have for your big day. Will you head to an exotic Caribbean destination? Or have a more traditional wedding closer to home?

The time of year plays a crucial role in your decision.

The number of guests you plan to invite is important. This will help to determine the amount of space needed. The location of your wedding will be the backdrop for your photos. When choosing the venue keep this in mind.

Wedding planning tips help you to decide the style both want.

4. Food.
Work with the venue to create a dinner menu that caters to your taste and budget. To avoid any disappointments schedule a food tasting in advance. Whether you hire a caterer or the wedding venue supplies your meal meeting will determine your options.

5. Ask for help.
Planning a wedding is a big task. It is one of the most memorable days of your life. You will want every aspect to run smoothly. This is why it is important to ask for help.

Ordering flowers. Choosing a catering. Or booking a DJ is a lot of work. It is not possible for one person or couple to do alone. To help ease your stress include your wedding party in the planning.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen want to be involved in your celebration. Delegate duties to help with the planning. Many venues have certified wedding planners or event coordinators on staff. They bring the expertise needed to make your day run seamlessly.

Wedding planning tips help you both to prepare for your special day.

6. Speak up.
If there are details that are worrying you let it be known. Whether it is the location of guest parking. Or the availability of coat check. Don’t hesitate to ask.

When it comes to the logistics of your wedding it is better to ask too many questions than not enough. Make a list of questions. Break up the reception location into categories. Décor, food, wedding cakes and entertainment when you meet with vendors.

Communicating your concerns will help you get the answers quickly. This will help moving forward with your wedding planning preparation.

7. Expect the unexpected.
Although you cannot control the weather on your wedding day there are precautions you can take leading up to the special day.

If your ceremony is outdoors ask the venue about tent rentals. Most places that allow for outdoor weddings will have referral information. If you are concerned about guests being late to the ceremony add an extra 20 minutes into the schedule.

Being prepared for problems ahead of time. Helps lessen the possibility they will happen.

8. Stay true to you.
The bigger the wedding the more involved people with opinions. It can become difficult to stick to your original ideas for venue décor or tuxedos for groomsmen just to name a few.

Be sure to remember that this is your day. Working with an event coordinator can help.

Wedding planning tips help you clarify your budget.

9. A picture is worth a thousand words.
The day of your wedding will be a whirlwind of activity. At times it may be hard to take it all in.

Thankfully your wedding photos and video will capture those missed moments. Hiring a photographer and a videographer are important decisions.

Many wedding venues provide referrals to photographers and videographers. Have your list ready to discuss with photographers and videographers so they understand your expectations.

10. Live in the moment.
From the engagement to the last dance remember to enjoy every moment of your wedding. The time goes by so quickly and before you know it the day will be over.

Don’t sweat the small details. The Best Man’s speech mishap will become a funny story. In 10 years you will not remember that everything wasn’t perfect.

Remember the most important part of the day is you and your significant other.

Wedding planning tips help you both to understand.

Some people may feel that wedding planning gets bogged down with all of the logistics. And it takes the romance out of the event.

Gloria Steinem once said Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming after all is a form of planning.

Tips courtesy Bayview Golf & Country Club, Toronto Canada. Visit

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