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Wedding Planning Budgets When Where What Who

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Create your wedding planning budgets, then Work your Plans.

Wedding Planning Budgets When Where What Who.

It takes the both of you to create your wedding planning budgets.
Wedding in Venice photo by Tomas Ramos

Creating your Four Ws to use in wedding planning budgets.

Wedding Planning Budgets When Where What WhoThere are two kinds of wedding planning budgets.

Both require the Four Ws, when, where, what (to wear) and who will attend.

All the other stuff will depend on the length of time you have before the wedding date.

A traditional wedding takes approximately 14-16 months to plan. An elopement or destination wedding can take anywhere from a weekend to two weeks. They both include the honeymoon!

You only need guiding and common sense to make your dream wedding happen.

Remember it is your wedding day. It will be unique because no two weddings are ever alike. Yours will reflect who you are and what you want. That is all you have to remember.

You don’t want to copy anyone’s wedding. The elements that went into those wedding planning budgets will not be yours. You might want to pick up some ideas or tips from other weddings.

The 4Ws are simple tools that work well in Wedding Planning Budgets.

It is the first kind of wedding planning as one you set your budget before you go shopping. You do this by setting an amount you want to spend. Then by working your plans backwards so that it fits into your pre-set budget figure.

The second is to establish your wedding planning budget after your research using the four Ws.

1. Several scheduling elements enter into the first W – When category such as setting the date for your wedding.

2. The second W – is Where, such as where is the ceremony taking place?

3. Third W – is What am I going to wear?

4. Fourth W – is Who will attend? Your guest list will depend on your reception venue and your budget. And sometimes the demands of your family.

Wedding Planning Budgets learning how to stay on them.

Five Top $ Tips for Wedding Planning Budgets.
Planning a wedding is no easy task. The months leading up to your big day are going to be filled with excitement, emotions and big spending.

And you do not want to start your new marriage in debt. Determine what you can spend. And how you are going to spend it.

Here are the tips to help you make a budget and stick to it.

1. Create an accurate guest list.
Your biggest expense. Food and beverage will be influenced by the guest count. Other expenses such as linens and centerpieces will also be affected by the number of guests.

That makes the guest list the single most important item to maintain an accurate budget. Whether you do it by spreadsheet or index cards. Before you do anything else decide how many people you will invite. How many people you expect will actually attend.

2. Determine what is most important to you.
Typically the food and beverage bill accounts for half of your overall expenditure.

You must determine the items that are most important to you. Do you want an extraordinary gown? Or a 10 piece band? If so, you may have to cut back on something else.

3. Don’t forget extra fees.
Most hotels and restaurants charge a percent service fee and then tax on top of this. You can also expect chef attendant fees if you do action stations.

Some locations also charge cake cutting fees if you don’t purchase the cake from them. These fees can really add up. Don’t forget to plan for them.

4. Set your wedding planning budgets.

When you know what you can spend on each service share that with the vendors you meet.

If you have $800 to spend on a wedding gown tell the salon. They will show you gowns that you can afford rather than tempting you with something out of range.

5. Set up a wedding bank account or debit card.
This will keep you from digging into your savings. Or going into credit card debt.

If you have people helping you pay for your wedding you can have them contribute directly to the account.

This will help you avoid calling that person every five minutes when you need to make a deposit. It also will make that person less likely to give you unsolicited advice with every decision you make.

Source: www.justmarry.com.

 Wedding Planning Budgets When Where What Who.

Three ways to plan a “cheap” wedding.

1. Skip the dinner and have a party.
Many couples are choosing to elope. One way to celebrate when you return home is to have a cocktail reception. It can be a fun time with less stress and cost.

2. The early bird saves money.
If you’re booking a venue try having the wedding in off-season. Or on a Friday or Sunday. Also watch for sales on wedding items as soon a you get engaged.

A dress on clearance can save you hundreds of dollars.

3. Something old. Something borrowed. Something creative.
Instead of buying everything new borrow items from your family and friends. Or rent what you need.

Creating your items like invitations or flower arrangements is a great way to save money. And this can also provide that personal touch.

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Source: newscanada.com.

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  • Joyce

    You are so right with this advice. I too recommend a super detailed guest list as first priority. Then, shop for venues, as food and beverage is 40-50% of the whole budget. Then, if the couple can’t afford “THAT” wedding, it’s time to dial back and get realistic.

    Next, I recommend putting vendors “in order of hire”, so the big bang for the buck, or most impactful services are put into place, and if there’s time and money left, some less significant nice-to-haves, without being in wedding-day debt upon returning from the honeymoon.

    In my experience, the DJ, photography, videography services make a huge impact on the lasting value of the event, by creating and capturing the moments that become the memories.

    Readers should take you great advice. You’re Right On !

    Ron Finlay, DJ/MC Perpetual Rhythms Entertainment Services

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