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Wedding Limousines and other Celebration Vehicles

Wedding Limousines, transportation ideas and tips.
Wedding limousines and other celebration vehicles. Bentley Limousine.

Photo Bentley Limousine.

Wedding limousines and other ways to get to the ceremony on time.

Wedding limousines or other transportation is a major item on the Groom’s traditional expense list. Your Best Man duties usually include assisting in selecting the transportation for all the wedding celebrations.

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Best Man Getting you to the church on time!
To prepare for the wedding day activities. The Best Man will confirm the booking of the limousines. And the decorations for the parade of cars. From the ceremony to the reception.
Bride-to-be Picks out limo for hubby-to-be
Lori-Ann De Melo a bride-to-be experienced a show for her first time. At the top of Lori-Ann’s list was a wedding cake design. Also a jaw-dropping limo as a gift to her hubby-to-be. There were a variety of vendors to choose from. Each offered a business card. An information brochure and a price list of their services. Lori-Ann found this quite helpful. She was able to compare prices and ideas on the spot.
Theme weddings often carriages are used for transportation
You don’t have to be Irish but a coachman in a carriage is perfect. Especially if he is Irish or a white limousines that can have green trim if allowed.

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