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Wedding images and video the art of photography

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The art of wedding images and video there is no right or wrong.

Wedding images and video the art of photography .

Catherina and Danijel on their wedding day.

When looking for the right photographer for your wedding images you should know instantly when the right one shows you their work. Art is subjective. And there is no right or wrong image.

There is only the image you love.

Trust your gut when it come to the artistic part of your choice. But of course ask the enclosed questions to assure you are choosing a true professional for your wedding images.

You are looking for variety. Not just the stuff your mother and father got 25 years ago.

Look for Black and Whites. Candid photos. Posed portraits along with a few fun ones too. It will make for a more interesting album. If a photographer can not show you things you like they will not be capable of shooting it either. Even if they accidentally did shoot a few cool artistic poses they may actually throw them away on you thinking something was wrong with them.

Photography is an art. And like a great portrait painter they must have the right brushes canvas and most importantly is the passion for the job. Any camera is able to focus the image. That is the easy part. It is capturing the soul that is so difficult.

Wedding images and video the art of photography .
Catherina and Danijel working the rails for their wedding images.

Shopping an official photographer for your wedding images.

How to tell a professional photographer and videographer from a student of the arts.
A good question to ask yourself since this is the only time you will have to hire a professional artist like this. So what do you look for?
1. They should be able to show you many samples from many weddings. Not one or two weddings over and over again.
2. They should be able to show you a few complete weddings. Not just a greatest hit collection. Make sure the whole day looks great.
3. They should have many endorsements. For example endorsements from banquet venues, a major wedding dress company, and customer endorsements on their website.

Your wedding images tell the story of Your Wedding.

4.  They should have cars that work. New equipment and all the right lenses they require. This is not a job you can do with bad tools anymore than in any other profession.
5. Of course, the work should be great. Not good with excuses. Great.
6. They should have final albums to show. Not just work they may have downloaded off the web. Often so-called pros steal work from the web to show as their own.
7. They should offer to sign a contract for you so that they must show up ready to work. Handshakes are not enough, as they may be tempted to book a second wedding and dump you if the money is right.

Courtesy Photographic Memories.

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