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Wedding Guests Favors Edible Gift Ideas Tips

November 9, 2013 3:48 pmViews: 355

  Tradition has couples giving wedding guests favors.   
 Wedding Guests Favors are Edible Gift Ideas for your wedding.
In ancient times guests would tear off pieces of the bride’s dress.  Or take a flower from her bouquet as a keepsake.  This was the way couple would use to thank their wedding guests.

Today, couples give wedding guests favors to say thanks.  But they are not mandatory.

If you are going to include guest favors then add the costs to your budget.

 Wedding Guests Favors & Item Tips for your wedding.

Favors can made or bought, or be anything you wish. 
1. Personalized candied almonds.
2. Monogrammed items.
3. Champagne glasses with or without almonds.

4. Decorated candles.
5. Something floral
6. A knotted ribbon from your bouquet.
7. Pretty soaps wrapped with tulle and ribbons.
8. Netted potpourri.
9. Seashells with a message tied with ribbons.
10. Miniature baskets of candies.
11. A collectible holiday or theme item.
12. Your wedding photo in a frame.
13. Selfie photographs of you and your guests.
14. A personal message in a scroll.
15. A piece of a breakaway designed centerpiece or an ethnic token.

The ideas are endless!

Wedding favors can be placed on each guest table. Or you can place them on a table where guests can take one when they leave.

Some are sent to guests with a gift thank-you card.

Wedding Guests Favors for your wedding that are delicious to eat.

Wedding Guests Favors edible fortune cookie gift Ideas.Wedding Guests Favors Edible Gift Ideas Tips like a frame.Edible items are delicious wedding favors. The sweets and treats range from classic black and white designs to colorful decorations.

A few of the edible ideas we selected are a Bride and Groom Take-Out Pails ($8.95) right. Includes two bride and groom dressed fortune cookies.

A Chocolate Bride and Groom Apple Couple ($29.95) above.

A custom image that can be put on a Picture Cookie Favor Box ($5.50) left. All 100% edible.


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