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Wedding Gowns SJ Couture on Access Hollywood

January 7, 2015 6:18 pmViews: 211

Latest Wedding Gowns SJ Couture and Bridal Trends.

Wedding Gowns SJ Couture on Access Hollywood.

Crop-top wedding gowns SJ Couture as seen on E! News and Access Hollywood.

The latest trend in bridal fashion, crop-top, two-piece gowns are peaking their way into the media. And SJ Couture’s Greer gown is among the favorites – and a feature on E! News and Access Hollywood.

“I love our take on the crop-top look,” said Jeanne Hankerson, designer and owner of SJ Couture. “I call it romantic modesty. If you want sexy, we have sexy with our Greer gown. And if you want a crop-top look without having to bare it all, we have that too. I love this kind of mix. I love adding a modestly sexy element to a classic design. It is vintage with a contemporary twist.”

Over the past year, SJ Couture, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based bridal fashion line, has features in a variety of celebrity fashion segments and trending style blogs for its vintage-contemporary designs. SJ’s Elyse gown has been making the rounds on blogs as a top favorite in Huffpost Weddings, Buzzfeed and The Bridal Bar.

Wedding Gowns SJ Couture one of the designer’s on Access Hollywood.

Wedding Gowns SJ Couture on Access Hollywood showing her collection.

Phoebe style by SJ Couture.

For the more traditional bride, ballerina chic is another popular bridal fashion this season. Huffpost Weddings section chose SJ Couture’s Lulu gown as another one of their favorites. “Our Lulu gown was such a fun dress to design. It is the perfect dress for a dancer,” Hankerson said. “The classic tutu-esque, princess tulle skirt meets up with a silk, almost leotard-like bodice. It hugs the skin and dips low in the back – like the perfect dance.”

Each design has its elements of surprise and detail. Whether it’s a tea length dress with a wisp of tulle peaking out the bottom, a plunging backline or a flirty ruffle. The details are what set SJ Couture’s gowns apart.

Wedding Gowns SJ Couture tea length Zoe style dress.

Zoe style by SJ Couture tea length dress.

“The details are where my heart is,” Hankerson said. “I love imagining my brides walking down the aisle and looking gorgeous from the front. But then wowing all her guests with an amazing, detailed back. I call it the 360-gown – making the bride gorgeous from every angle.”

The delicate, hand-made details of SJ Couture’s line are a signature of Jeanne’s amazing work. She features fabrics and styles that allow SJ’s designs to be luxurious while emanating a sexy simplicity.

SJ Couture, founded by Jeanne Hankerson in 2009, creates original, high quality wedding gowns for today’s woman. SJ has a niche: understated elegance. Their simple, striking designs take vintage grace and infuse it with a contemporary twist. Jeanne believes that fashion is a frame only enhancing the perfection of the woman. Her gowns are ethereal, never ephemeral because your wedding is not just a day. It is a new beginning. Visit SJ Couture.

Photography by Don Giannatti.

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