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Wedding gown veil ideas to match your overall bridal look

May 30, 2017 6:15 pmViews: 282

Designer Charlotte Balbier wedding gown veil ideas and trends to match bridal styles.

Wedding gown veil ideas matching your dress with a beaded veil.

Wedding gown veil ideas to match your dress with a beaded veil.

Charlotte Balbier unveils a collection of wedding gown veil ideas that can compliment many styles of gowns and dresses. Veils hold a long tradition in weddings and they add a sense of elegance to the overall bridal look. The designer’s veil fabric is delicate fine tulle’s decorated with embellishments, beading, pearls and lace pattern detailing.

Depending on the style of your dress you may want to go traditional or modern. It seems that today’s brides often just mix it up to express their own personality. So enjoy and choose what you want, it’s your special day.

The BEADED VEIL, shown above, is a long veil that falls to the floor. With the edging completely coated in peal and beaded detailing.


Wedding gown veil ideas include a pearl veil to match your overall bridal look.

This is a traditional lace veil with pearl trim detail.


Wedding gown veil ideas like a flowing silk to match your overall bridal look.

An intricate and detailed lace tulle silk veil which dramatically falls to the floor.

Charlotte Balbier created her brand in 2003, and over the last decade it has become a leading name in British bridal fashion. She is very accessible on her social media and she loves to meet her brides at designer days and events.

Charlotte’s love of fabrics and attention to detail is evident in every collection. They are diverse, versatile, beautiful and always with the designer’s signature style. Her gowns are in an array of styles, colors and fabrics that can capture both a brides’ heart and imagination. Her separates are inter-changeable and designed for brides to build and create their own individual looks.

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