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Wedding Gown Trains Bustles how to choose tips

December 27, 2012 8:38 pmViews: 2296

How to shop wedding gown trains and learn to bustle.

Wedding Gown Trains Bustles how to choose tips, Designer Angel Sanchez gown sketch for Eva Longoria's wedding to Tony Parker

Designer Angel Sanchez‘s sketch for Eva Longoria’s first marriage wedding gown.
Silk wool with silk gazar metallic embroidery. Scoop back and long cascading train.

Wedding gown trains and bustles have been chosen by several celebrity brides. You can get an idea of the styles that they had to consider for their dresses. Eva Longoria, Katie Holmes, Princess Diana and Mariah Carey at her first marriage all wore over the top trains.

Bridal gown trains and bustles are beautiful to see. But if you choose a gown with a train make sure you practice walking long steps. Think of it as a dress rehearsal. You should do this before you walk down the aisle.

Small steps will make the train get tangled in your legs.

When you turn do it slowly.

Make sure your Maid of Honor or an Attendant learns how to handle your train. Especially during the ceremony. And when you are taking your official photographs.

Wedding gown trains can be bustled for receptions. This prevents it from dragging on the floor. Also from guests stepping on it – see instructions below.

Remember that you want to wear the dress. Not let the dress wear you.

Don’t be married in a dress that gets too much attention.

The secret is to wear a wedding dress that suits you. Not one that you can’t carry off. If the dress is right you’ll be more beautiful than ever.

How to Bustle Wedding Gown Trains.

A bustle involves gathering up the train with loops or hooks. This keeps it off the floor. While attached to the top of the skirt portion of the dress. There are two styles of bustles to consider.

a. Over-bustle this involves raising the train by securing parts of the train to the waistline or any part of the train.

b. Under-bustle also known as French or Victorian bustle. Draws excess fabric under the train and is attached using ribbon ties. This seems to be the more popular style. It is also more secure than the over-bustle.

The amount of material you will need to bustle depends on the length of your train. The average bustle requires 3-5 bustle points but this depends on the length and weight of the material.

Be sure to designate someone to assist you with bustling the dress. You want to avoid unnecessary stress and confusion.

Source: www.beau-coup.com

How to choose your train from wedding gown trains list.

Cathedral train is longer than one yard. Reserved for the most formal weddings.

Semi-Cathedral four-and-one-half to five-and-one-half-feet from the waist.

Extended Cathedral or Monarch flows to twelve-feet or more from the waist.

Chapel formal. Extends about one yard.

Court separate piece of fabric that falls from the shoulders.

Detachable normally attached at back of waist. May attach to the shoulders. Or wrap around the waist.

Sweep just brushes the floor.

Watteau cascades from the shoulders.

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