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Wedding gown designer Silvia Bours Flower Girl dresses

March 18, 2016 1:54 pmViews: 346

Mexican wedding gown designer launches girls line.

Wedding gown designer Silvia Bours Flower Girl dresses.

Flower girl dress collection by Wedding gown designer Silvia Bours. 

The flower girl dress collection has hints from the Victorian Era fairytale princesses.

Wedding gown designer Silvia Bours Flower Girl lace dress.

Flower Girl Lace Dress.

By introducing a unique take on dress making, designer Silvia Bours is adding a touch of elegance to the fashion industry.  The 28 year old, Mexico-based designer creates each one of her pieces by hand with materials such as silk, cotton, and tulle.

Her collection includes little girls’ dresses priced from $100 to $500.  And the sizes range from two years to six years.

The line is strongly influenced by the high end luxury of French royalty. With distinctive hints from the Victorian Era, reminiscent of aristocracy and fairy tale princesses.

“My designs are sweet and theatrical. We strive to recreate the feeling of the fairy tale princess,” states Bours. “All of our dresses are literal works of art. And it resonates within each detail as they are clearly made with love. Some of the dresses are hand painted on cotton. Others have elaborate bead work that you will not find elsewhere. As a woman I strongly believe in the power of femininity. And I believe that my designs show that.”

Wedding gown designer Silvia Bours was born in Sonora, Mexico. As a child and all through high school she would mix and match clothing pieces and styles to create ensembles. She moved to France after high school and developed an interest in French fashion. In 2006 she attended the Art Institute of Tucson in Arizona, majoring in fashion design. By 2009 she was selling her clothes at exclusive fashion boutiques. She has participated in Pheonix Fashion Week, Latino Fashion Live and Style Fashion Week.

The artist and designer produces her garments in Mexico, and she is having luck breaking into the American market. Bours pieces are only available via her website. Please visit


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