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Wedding gown care guide tips to preserve your dress

June 6, 2017 7:38 pmViews: 124

How to find a cleaner that uses only the greenest solvents for wedding gown care.

Wedding gown care tips to find an eco dry cleaner to preserve your dress.

Eco-friendly cleaning tips to preserve your wedding gown care.

Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life. And if you are planning to keep your dress, here are some wedding gown care tips to know. Whether its an heirloom bridal gown that needs to be restored or a gown that you would like to preserve for your children. Select a cleaner who has specially-trained wedding gown restoration and preservation experts who will hand clean your wedding gown. And they will also reinforce the wedding gown seams, and reattach any beads and other embellishments to the wedding dress where needed.

To prevent any damage to the fabric or dye, ask if they wash wedding gowns in crystal clear purified water and non-toxic solutions. And finally, if they package your wedding gown in a premium quality, acid-free dress box that maintains color and prevents yellowing.

Wedding Dress Care Guide questions to ask when shopping for a cleaner.

Why does a bride need to preserve a dress? And what will happen to a dress over time if a bride doesn’t take the necessary steps to clean and preserve after the wedding?

Bride’s need to preserve wedding dresses because over time the fibers in the dress will break down and the dress will begin to yellow due to exposure to the air.

How soon after the wedding should you bring your dress in to be cleaned to avoid permanent damage?

The sooner the better. Preferably the day after the wedding, but certainly within a month of the wedding. Some cleaners offer free on-demand pickup, so you can schedule a pickup with a click of a button on the app.

What is the average cost of wedding dress cleaning and preservation?

Cleaning alone usually starts at $200USD, and cleaning and preservation is $300USD.

What options do brides have for dress preservation?

There is really only one good option and that is preserving in an acid-free preservation box. Some tissue paper and boxes have acids in them, which can cause the dress to yellow over time. Make sure the cleaner you choose uses only acid-free preservation materials.

What to look for when selecting a dry cleaner for your wedding gown care?

First, ask if the cleaner is a certified dry cleaner with actual training in the field of wedding gown cleaning. Second, research the dry cleaning solvent that the cleaner uses. Many cleaners use toxic chemicals in cleaning that can irritate your skin and pollute the environment. Choose one that uses only the greenest solvents.

Finally, you should research the way your dress will be preserved. Many cleaners just hang the dress on hanger, which will not prevent yellowing and fiber decay. Ensure that the cleaner uses professional acid-free wedding gown preservation materials.

Best products for cleaning and preservation for your wedding gown care.

Which are the safest? Which are the most eco-friendly?

The safest and most effective form of wedding gown cleaning is called wet-cleaning. This is a technology that uses a small amount of water and gentle agitation to clean the gown, not unlike hand washing. By using purified water and gentle eco-friendly detergents your cleaner ensures that the gown maintains its with little-to-no environmental impact.

The step by step process for cleaning and preserving wedding dress care.

First the professional dry cleaner will perform a detailed inspection of the gown to identify any stains or damage. As well as mark any potential problem areas in cleaning such as beads or lace, etc.

Second, they will perform testing on any potential problem areas and make a final determination as to the appropriate cleaning method and approach.

Third, they will perform spot cleaning on difficult stains such as dirt around the hem, wine stains, etc.

Fourth, they will prepare the dress for cleaning by protecting or removing any delicate aspects of the dress and placing the dress into a protective bag.

Fifth, they will clean the dress in either a wet cleaning machine or dry cleaning machine depending on the needs of the dress.

Sixth, they will inspect the dress and remove any remaining stains as well as reattach any beading that was removed prior to cleaning.

Finally, they will wrap the dress in acid-free tissue and package in a sealed box for preservation.

What is the best type of box or container to store for my wedding gown care?

A sealed ornamental, acid-free wedding box.

What does the storing process look like for a preserved wedding dress?

It is crucial to store your dress in a high place that is dry. Gowns can easily be ruined in the event of a flood or if they are left in musty damp environs.

Is the process for cleaning and preserving a veil the same as a wedding dress?

No, veils are too delicate to be cleaned by machine. As a result they are only spot cleaned and hand washed.

I’ve had my dress preserved- now what?

Your dress should be kept in the box until it is to be worn again. Opening the box and exposing the dress to moisture and other natural elements can damage the dress. Also, it is important to keep the dress out of direct sunlight as this can cause color change.

For further information and tips contact Mulberrys garment care.

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