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Wedding Gifts Magazine ideas trends tips

Wedding Gifts Magazine ideas and trends for the bride, groom, wedding party and guests.
Wedding Gifts Magazine ideas trends tips.

 Gift ideas for your wedding guests.

Keep wedding, wine and honeymoon gift registries simple.
• Bridal gift registry services are free. They usually are available at department and specialty stores.
• If there are other places you would like to add to your registries. Approach the owner or manager of the location. Ask if a registry can be set up for you.
• You might want to include a home-improvement. Computer store. Gourmet food emporiums. Antique shops. Art galleries. Beauty salon. Health spa.
• Use your imagination. Register anything you want where you want. Don’t forget your honeymoon.
• When you are shopping for your honeymoon destination. Ask the travel agent if you can register your honeymoon. Be sure to add it to your list of registry locations. You’ll be glad you did!

• Once you have made your choices your gift selections will be on record. They will be listed in the store’s computer under your name and wedding date. Check Wedding Gifts Magazine for more tips.

• There’s no duplication. With each purchase the computer updates your list.
• The location of stores where you are registered can be noted on informal shower invitations. But not on formal wedding invitations.
• When guests ask what you would like. Use email, fax or send your list.
• Stores with branches can coordinate their computer listings. Some offer to deliver or ship the gifts to the address on your registration.
• You may register at more than one specialty store. Don’t register the same items at more than one retailer.

Wedding Gifts Magazine ideas trends tips for gift registries.

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