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Wedding Gift Registries honeymoon and wine tips

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Keep your wedding gift registries simple.

Wedding Gift Registries honeymoon and wine tips to help your planning.

Wedding gift registries wrapping and bow.

In the first place, wedding gift registries are free. And they are mostly available at all department and specialty stores.

You can open wedding gift registries at most places. If you would like to add an item to your registries approach the owner or manager of the location. And ask if one can be set up for you.

You might want to include a home improvement or a computer store. Gourmet food emporiums. Antique shops. Art galleries. A beauty salon or a health spa.

Use your imagination. Try to register anything you want. Where you want. And do not forget your honeymoon.

When you are shopping for your honeymoon destination ask the travel agent if you can register your honeymoon. Be sure to add it to your list of registries. You will be glad you did!

Once you have made your gift selections they are put in the store’s computer. The information will include your name and wedding date.

With each purchase the computer updates your list so that you don’t receive two of the same gift.

The store locations where you are register can be put on informal shower invitations. But not on your formal wedding invitation.

When guests ask what you would like email, fax or mail your gift list to them. If you have a wedding website you can add your wedding gift registries.

Stores with branches can coordinate their computer listings. They can also deliver or ship the gifts to the address on your registration.

You may register at more than one specialty store. But do not register the same items at more than one retailer.

You can add your HONEYMOON to your Wedding Gift Registries.

Before you select a travel agent make sure the company will allow you to register your honeymoon with their agency.

If you are dealing with an agency that is part of a chain establish their locations. And include this in your out-of-town guest information.

Add the travel agency information to your wedding gift registries list. And if you have a wedding website make sure you update it too.

If you are booking your travel online remember this is a special day for the both of you. So prepare and do your research. Book only when both of you are confident in the destination. And what you are paying for.

There are other travel items you can register for as well. Such as luggage, camera, swimwear, evening-wear and so forth.

Travel Insurance.
A policy from a travel insurance company usually covers major illness. A death in the family. Or if the travel agency or agent goes out of business.

Read the conditions to make sure that everything is covered. Such as default and failure to produce your trip. Medical problems or injuries.

How to add WINE REGISTRIES to your Wedding Gift Registries.

Couples are adding wine suggestions to their registries. So that guests can contribute to the reception depending on the arrangements with the venue. If not, the wine can be for your new home.

Wine clubs are an alternative. Most have a wine gift registry online for gift packs and wine club memberships.

Registries usually include some of the best boutique and estate wines from around the world. Plus wine stemware and decanters.

And some wine clubs include a free customized taste profile for their members personal preferences. Recommendation offers are with tasting notes and a history of the wine. And how well the wine matches their taste.

For couples looking to create a wine cellar but not sure of which wines to include. Most wine clubs suggest a Starter Cellars section that includes a list of wines from many regions.

You can use Google to find wine registries and membership clubs. If you want one in your area just add your location after the subject.

To check out a wine gift registry club visit

IF YOU CANCEL YOUR WEDDING – what about the gifts?

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian before their wedding date.

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian
during their engagement.

If you do cancel your wedding, all engagement, shower and wedding gifts should be sent back to your family and friends. The gifts can include a simple note of thanks and to let them know that your wedding is cancelled.

You do not need to explain why.

Even monogram gifts should be sent back to the senders. If you use a gift then you should purchase a replacement to return.

If you separate or file for divorce within the first year of marriage then the above also applies.

Kim Kardashian did something different when she kept her gifts for her August 20, 2011 wedding. Kardashian gave the cash amount of the gifts to a charity.

And in her case, there were several show sponsors seen when her wedding to Kris Humphries was shown on the Kardashian TV reality show.

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