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Wedding Flowers Vera Wang Traditional Modern


Wreath in the wedding flowers Vera Wang collection.
Wedding Flowers Vera Wang Traditional Modern. Collection bouquets on FTD. [2]

Wedding Flowers Vera Wang Traditional and Modern tips.

The wedding flowers Vera Wang collection are in categories that are easy to follow. And if you are looking for flowers to match your theme. They can also be used as examples when you are shopping for theme flowers and décor.

Vera Wang’s floral collection has an array of statement designs. The collection includes bouquets, boutonnieres, gifts and décor. The designs are incorporated into three distinct looks. The Traditionalist, The Romanticist and The Modernist. Your wedding should fit into one of these styles.

Wedding Flowers Vera Wang Traditional, Romantic and Modern Styles.

Wedding Flowers Vera Wang Traditional Modern. Boutonnieres. [3]

White bouquet with matching boutonniere.

The Traditionalist. Classic whites and creams. An abundance of subtle white variations. As well as a range of flower varieties and forms. White is a richly classic choice. Perfect for the true traditionalist.

The Romanticist. Soft and sweet pink. It prevails as the ideal bridal color for romance. Pink is the romantic symbol of love and admiration.

The Modernist. Soft, subtle lavender with a touch of pink and mauve. The color combination make this a memorable color scheme.

Wedding Flowers Vera Wang wedding wreath decor.

Wedding Flowers Vera Wang Traditional Modern. [4]

Door wreath in Wedding flowers Vera Wang collection.

The wedding wreath is a lovely décor idea at the door to welcome guests. The wedding theme and colors can be incorporated into its floral design.

For the groom, the BLACK [5] by Vera Wang tuxedo collection features black and gray styles. In addition Wang has created boutonnieres [6] from her floral collection in white, pink, orange and red. From these shades you can match your bouquet flowers as well.

The wedding flowers Vera Wang Collection is available exclusively through FTD.

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