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Wedding Flower planning budgets bouquets decor

Flowers can be looked upon as essential or an option. They both take wedding flower planning depending on your budget and wedding theme.

Wedding Flower planning budgets bouquets decor. Lily Glow flower arrangement.Wedding flower planning helps to help set the theme of the celebrations. Cheerful and bright or simple and elegant. Flowers can vary greatly based on your own personal tastes.

Pictured left is Glow an arrangement that includes cymbidium orchids, parrot tulips, star of Bethlehem, donna roses, vanda orchids and hot shot callas in an aged wire basket.

If you’re going to have flowers decide if you want real ones or silk ones. Silk flowers can be dyed any color.

Make sure that no one in your wedding party is allergic to flowers or the greenery you are using. For budget purposes you need to decide whether you will use the local florist or a hired floral designer.

Your wedding flower planning may be for an engagement party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony and your reception. Some florists can also provide aisle runners, stanchions, candelabras and other related accessories.

Wedding Flower planning budgets bouquets decor.

Wedding flower planning for your ceremony and reception.
• Bouquets for the Bride, the Bridal Toss Away bouquet and Bridesmaids.
• Petals for the Flower Girl basket if required.
• Boutonnières.
• Corsages.
• Ceremony site entrance. Altar. Arches. Aisle carpet or pews.
• Reception venue centerpieces. The head table. Buffet. Wedding cake and gift tables. Venue hallways and retiring rooms. Check the kitchen door area so guests will not see the kitchen.

NOTE your floral requirements and prices clearly in your wedding binder. So that you can compare prices ahead of time. To obtain the best prices choose flowers that are in season.

If you are having a holiday wedding choose flowers that florists have in good supply. Your venue may already have decorations that you can either use or add to. You can save money by using more greenery and ribbon as fillers. Or by asking your officiant if there is a situation where you can share flower costs with another wedding on the same day.

Go through bridal magazines to find flower photographs that you like. Place the photos in your binder. Put a color swatch of your wedding dress in your binder to help you select your floral shades.

Once you are ready to write a contract make sure the descriptions of every item you are buying are all written out clearly. The colors. Sizes. Shapes. Types. And any filler or greenery.

Ask the florist if they know the venue where they are delivering your flowers. The contract has to include the delivery time, place and date. Deposit and payment schedules. Their guarantees and cancellation policies.

Wedding Flower planning budgets bouquets decor.

Floral arrangements.
• Pomander is a pretty sphere of flowers featuring ribbon holders. Usually worn by junior bridesmaids or on children’s wrists. They also make lovely decorations to hang.
• Wired bouquet is when the flower stems are supported with wire so they stand upright. Then wrapped together to look like one large stem.

A formal wedding color scheme is usually white and ivory. Flowers can include roses, lilies, orchids, lilies of the valley, lilacs, gardenias, chrysanthemums, peonies or stephanotis.

Contemporary weddings use flowers that range from the popular carnations to daffodil. Daisies, freesias and sweet peas can be added to baskets. An abundance of wildflowers display. Or types and colors that you like including potted plants.

If you are getting married in a location other than a religious one make the most out of the environment the site offers. Embellish it as much as you can. Craft books illustrate wonderful ideas that are adaptable for celebrations.

Wedding Flower Planning Guides.
If you want to handle your own floral requirements there are several craft books. With instructions with photos, tips and suggestions for alternative ideas.

Guides can also help you decide what kind of floral arrangements you will need to complete your wedding flower planning. Guides usually list price ranges and average prices for each type of arrangement. It is good information when planning your budget. This information is meant to be a guideline before you consulate with wedding floral designers.

Floral designers to help Wedding Flower Planning.
If you are planning a theme wedding or in a place where something magic needs to be done. A reputable floral designer can make dreams come true by using flowers to create a fabulous setting. Often floral designers don’t have their own shops. However most of them consult for florists and know the flower market and wholesalers.

The Bridal Bouquets.
Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids and Flower Girl.
Wedding Flower planning budgets bouquets decor .

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important elements of the bride’s attire. There are many colors, scents, sizes, shapes and styles of bouquets to choose from.

The most popular style is the hand-tied bouquet. Although cascading and free form styles are also common.

The traditional bridal bouquet is composed of white flowers. Stephanotis, gardenias, white roses, lilies of the valley and orchids are popular choices when creating an all-white bouquet. Click here for more.

Wedding Flower planning budgets bouquets decor . Yellow-red rose for him.For Grooms. Groomsmen. Ringbearer. Fathers. Grandfathers. Ushers.
Boutonnieres are generally a single blossom such as an orchid, rose, stephanotis or freesia.

The grooms’ boutonniere is often slightly larger than the groomsmens’ flowers. Often the Groom’s boutonnière is pulled out of the Bride’s bouquet. Or you can arrange with the florist to have a boutonnière made to match the Bride’s bouquet.
Average Price US$12.50.

Corsages for Mothers and Grandmothers.
Corsages for the wedding couple’s mothers should coordinate with their color and style of dress. Mothers usually will want their favorite flower. And to decide if they want a corsage pinned at the waist, shoulder or on their handbag. Or wear it as a wrist corsage.

Corsages do not have to be identical. But like the bridesmaids’ bouquets should coordinate with the dresses and overall style of the wedding. Gardenias, orchids and roses are excellent choices for corsages. Their availability in a wide range of colors allows each corsage to compliment any outfit.
Average Price US$25.00.

Ceremony Main Altar.
The purpose of flowers at the main altar is to direct the visual attention toward the front of the ceremony space. These arrangements must be large enough and tall enough to be seen by all the guests. Since each ceremony is different these flowers can be as elaborate or simple as your style dictates.

Price Range USD$50-to-$1,000 each. Average Price $95-$150 each. Free Standing Arch with seasonal flowers $450. Chuppa $800, with flowers $1,200.

Aisle Pew Markers.
Flowers, candles and ribbons are often used to mark the front aisle pews. They also add color to the ceremony site. A cluster of flowers. A cascade of greens. Or a bundle of flowers and ribbons are all popular choices.

Average USD Prices. Greens and Ribbon $15 each. Flowers, Greens and Ribbon $35-$50 each.

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