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Wedding Flower Language Cakes and Bouquets

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Eternal love. Beauty. Endurance. It is the meaning of the wedding flower language that ties in with colors and themes.

Wedding Flower Language Cakes and Bouquets. royalcakePrinceWmKateMiddleton_600x473

Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding cake by pastry chef Fiona Cairnes.

The wedding flower language is perfect to tie in with wedding themes.  And you can create your own wedding flower language for your bouquet and wedding cake.

These are just some of the special meanings of flowers that brides can use when choosing flowers to tie in with their wedding themes. The flowers can include bouquets, boutonniéres, ceremony and reception décor, and designs on the wedding cake.

Kate Middleton chose the Sweet William White Rose for her England flower.

The eight-tier royal wedding cake designed and made by Fiona Cairns for Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding on April 29, 2011 had 17 different flower designs.  Each flower was symbolizing a particular quality.

In all there were 900 individually iced flowers. Symbolizing the national symbols of England roses, Wales daffodils, Ireland shamrock, and the Scotland thistle.

The cake was decorated with cream and white icing using the Joseph Lambeth technique. A style of decorating a cake with intricate piping to create three-dimensional scroll-work for leaves and flowers. The method ensures a traditional looking elegant wedding cake.

Each of the 17 different flower designs on the official wedding cake has their own individual meaning according to the Language of Flowers.

Wedding Flower Language.
• White Rose. National symbol of England.
• Daffodil. National symbol of Wales. New beginnings.
• Shamrock. National symbol of Ireland.
• Thistle. National symbol of Scotland.
• Acorns. Oak Leaf. Strength. Endurance.
• Myrtle. Love.
• Ivy. Wedded Love. Marriage.
• Lily-of-the-Valley. Sweetness. Humility.
• Rose. Bridal happiness. Love.
• Sweet William. Grant me one smile.
• Honeysuckle. The Bond of Love.
• Apple Blossom. Preference. Good Fortune.
• White Heather. Protection. Wishes will come true.
• White Jasmine. Amiability.
• Daisy. Innocence, beauty and simplicity.
• Orange Blossom. Marriage. Eternal Love. Fruitfulness.
• Lavender. Ardent attachment. Devotion. Success and luck.

Wedding Flower Language themes Cakes and Bouquets

Wedding Flower Language Cakes and Bouquets. Kate Middleton wedding flower language bouquet.

Kate’s wedding flower language for her bridal bouquet.

Catherine Middletons’ Bridal Bouquet Flower Language.
Kate’s wedding bouquet designed by Shane Connolly is a shield-shaped wire shape. The flowers are myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, Sweet William and hyacinth.

The bouquet draws on the tradition of flower language.

The wedding flower language meanings in Kate’s  bouquet.
• Lily-of-the-valley – Return of happiness.
• Sweet William – Gallantry.
• Hyacinth – Constancy of love.
• Ivy – Fidelity. Marriage. Wedded love. Friendship. Affection.
• Myrtle – the emblem of marriage. Love.

Kate’s bouquet contains stems from a myrtle planted at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, by Queen Victoria in 1845. And a sprig from a plant grown from the myrtle used in the Queen’s wedding bouquet of 1947.

The tradition of carrying myrtle began after Queen Victoria was given a nosegay containing myrtle by Prince Albert’s grandmother during a visit to Gotha in Germany.

In the same year Queen Victoria and Prince Albert bought Osborne House as a family retreat. And a sprig from the posy was planted against the terrace walls where it continues to thrive today.

The myrtle was first carried by Queen Victoria eldest daughter Princess Victoria when she married in 1858. And it was used to signify the traditional innocence of a bride.

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