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Wedding Floral trends bigger brighter blooms in 2019

Wedding Floral Trends for Bridal Bouquets and Décor for 2019.

Wedding Floral trends include Pantone Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral.

Wedding floral trends bigger brighter blooms in 2019 bridal bouquets.

Big and bold, local and loud is how I would describe the personality of the wedding flowers we’re going to see,” expert says.

Whether you are getting married next year or attending a wedding, bright blooms are likely to be a part of the décor.

According to Vito Russo, VP and Creative Director for Carl Alan Floral Artistry in Philadelphia, USA. He says that couples planning a 2019 wedding will not be shying away from making a statement with their floral selections. “Big and bold and local and loud is how I would describe the personality of the wedding flowers we are going to see,” he says.

  • Here are five wedding floral trends Russo expects to flood the floral scene in 2019.
    • 1. Inspired by Orange. The Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral, is sure to liven up bouquets and centrepieces with its pinkish-orange hue. “I expect bright flowers to come back in a big way; now Pantone’s pick will really push people in that direction,” Russo says.
    • Also, expect a move away from the muted pastels and ivories of years past.
    • 2. Go Big or Go Home. For bridal bouquets in particular, blooms are getting bigger. There is  going to be a focus on flowers like peonies and dahlias. It is not just their size but the variety of colours, and lack of uniformity. These are the itms that will make popular picks in 2019.
    • 3. Sustainable Selections. Couples will be more mindful of how their floral choices affect the environment. This means opting for flowers that are in season and grown locally, rather than those that need to be shipped from far away. Reducing your carbon footprint in this way can add the benefit of longer lasting flowers that dry better.

    Wedding floral trends come and go with modern celebrations.

    • 4. Amazing Installations. The floral arch that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had for their wedding entrance. It is sure to inspire brides and grooms in the months ahead.
    • In Russo’s opinion, “Any large installment made of flowers instantly adds drama to a room. They become a beautiful focal point that everyone will be talking about.”
    Wedding floral trends will be using real flowers when decorating wedding cakes in 2019.

    Wedding floral trends for cake décor is adding real flowers in 2019.

    • 5. Cake Décor. It is been said that millennial value is authenticity. So their wedding cakes are more likely to have accents of fresh flowers (rather than fake flowers). The gum paste sugar flowers had their moments. But, this year’s brides and grooms are going ‘au naturel’.

    Weddings & Honeymoons wish Carl Alan Floral Designs the best as they are Celebrating their 100th anniversary. Carl Alan is one of the region’s leading and most awarded floral design firms, and is currently run by the family’s third generation, Carl Schwartz, along with Vice President and Creative Director Vito Russo.

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