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Wedding Festivities hosted by Sandos Hotels in Mexico

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Wedding festivities in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera.

Wedding Festivities hosted by Sandos Hotels in Mexico.

Wedding dinner at Sandos Cancun and their wedding festivities.

My first memories of Cancun back in the early 1970’s, was getting off a cruise ship and doing what everyone else did. Head for the only major hotel in town and have lunch.

There was not much else to do in Cancun in those days. The busiest corner in El centro had a tequila shop on one side and the hotel on the other. But as a wise man said long ago – There is nothing as permanent as change. Cancun certainly has since those days, emerging from a sleepy fisherman’s village to a Miami style city of 750,000 people. And offering visitors shopping, restaurants, entertainment and magnificent virgin white sand beaches.

Cancun boasts an outstanding hotel zone of 90 hotels and resorts. They sit on a long slice of land with a lagoon on one side and the Caribbean on the other side. Is it any wonder that when it comes to destination weddings, Cancun, and its neighbor to the south, the Mayan Riviera, rank among the top locations.

It was a very warm three days in September when we were given a tour of the three deluxe all-inclusive Sandos hotels and resorts. Two in the Mayan Riviera and one in Cancun. All are popular choices for weddings and honeymoons, and each is different from the other.

It was a whirlwind tour spending one night in each resort to learn about the hotel’s wedding festivities. Starting off with the Sandos Playacar Beach Experience Resort. The resort is large and with so much to offer that it is truly a city in itself. It has 819 rooms, 17 restaurants and bars, and a theater. And it has activities for all age groups, a fitness center, a spa and a shopping mall. And to my delight, tram stops throughout the resort. Just like a real city where you could hop on and off and never had to wait long.

Sandos Playacar prides itself on its gorgeous beach and being one of the largest and most beautiful white sand beaches in the entire Riviera Maya. No wonder so many brides and grooms choose an oceanfront wedding that the resort calls the Turquoise Breeze. Equally popular are the Serenity Blue in a stunning gazebo area. And the one that we were at, Hidden Paradise, with a handsome couple play acting the bride and groom. Its setting amidst lush tropical gardens has guest chairs in brilliant fuchsia with real white roses. It had an echo of the gardens itself, and felt peaceful and serene. The hotel tour director said, “I like to feel that when people come here they feel the heart and soul of the resort.”

Wedding Festivities hosted by Sandos Hotels in Mexico.

Suite at the Sandos Playacar.

Later at the wedding dinner, I had the privilege of sitting next to the bride, who like the groom, worked at the resort. They both had a great time pretending to be the wedding couple for media and travel agents. And why not. The five-course dinner was spectacular, and the camaraderie that filled the room was the finish to a perfect day. “There’s nothing we can not do,” said the hotel manager describing their many kinds of weddings.  “You name it and we will do it.”

Wedding Festivities hosted by Sandos Hotels in Mexico.

Romance at Sandos Playacar.

Sandos Playacar lets each guest know that the protection of the environment and use of natural resources is important in all its resorts. It was certainly a major theme with our next visit to the Sandos Caracol in Playa del Carmen. An internationally Eco Experience Resort where you can get married in a colorful Mayan ceremony. And for something quite different spend your honeymoon immersed in the Mayan experience.

Wedding Festivities hosted by Sandos Hotels in Mexico.

Sandos Caracol Hotel.

Like the Sandos Playacar, the Sandos Caracol is a resort for everyone. It is an ecological paradise as well as a learning experience. And a variety of leisure and fun activities for all age groups. Younger guests especially will enjoy planting their very own tree, and then receiving e-mail updates about how it is growing!

Here are some of the outstanding features in this 956-room resort, 99 of which are ecologically treated green rooms. A natural body of water called Turtle Lake. A Mayan River where a canoe trip connects you with nature, the natural environment of the Mayan jungle. And with its wildlife and lush plant life, swimming in the crystal clear waters of a natural cenote (a deep natural well). And discovering some of the secrets of the traditional Mayan medicine. Since no luxury resort these days would be complete without a spa. Along with its traditional spa, the resort prides itself on its Temazcal, a prehispanic Mayan ritual that purifies the body, mind and spirit.

Couples can choose from one of the three collections for their wedding festivities.

 Wedding Festivities hosted by Sandos Hotels in Mexico.

Wedding Festivities at Sandos Caracol Hotel.

A Caribbean Fantasy where vows are exchanged in the shade of an elegant gazebo on the white sands of an extensive beach. The Emerald Breeze where the breathtaking rooftop terrace give the bridal party panoramic views of the beach and the Caribbean sea. The Green Wedding, a Mayan style experience for the wedding couple and their guests which we witnessed at the latter at the edge of the resort’s natural cenote. The bride and groom actors also jumped into the cenote after the ceremony. It is an ancient Mayan tradition signifying cleansing the spirit and the body. That of course is strictly by choice. Couples who want to take the plunge might want to think about bringing along wash and wear wedding attire.
 For more information and to contact the wedding coordinator: 
[email protected].

Our final destination was the lovely Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience Resort, a sophisticated beach resort in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone. With its 214 rooms and luxury suites, the resort is smaller in size in comparison to its much larger sister resorts of the Mayan Riviera, but everything that a bridal party and wedding guests could or would want in a big city setting is here. All are part of a beautiful package including the three infinity pools on the multi-layered beachfront facilities, the tennis courts, the Water Sport Center and Fitness Center, health and wellness classes, and an outstanding and gorgeous world-class spa, one for women and one for men. It was one of the highlights of the trip.

Foodies and gourmands will appreciate the on-site all-inclusive restaurants with the best wines in Mexico and the world.

The Sandos Cancun offers some unique classes in their activities program called Luxury Moments, where one can indulge in learning how to make everything from Ceviche to Sushi, or enjoy a James Bond Martini Night in the Premium Bar, then they can work off the calories in a well-equipped gymnasium that overlooks the Caribbean sea and features TV and radio integrated equipment.

Wedding Festivities hosted by Sandos Hotels in Mexico.

The ecological diversity of this vast Mexican region.

The wedding festivities packages at Sandos Cancun include the planning and personal touch of a professional Wedding Coordinator, a variety of selected menus and presentations for indoors or out of doors, and a complimentary suite for the bride and groom the night of the wedding that is subject to availability. Their lovely romantic amenities in the room the night of the wedding include rose petals, chocolate strawberries and sparkling wine.

The ecological diversity of this vast Mexican region provides scads of unique settings beyond beautiful beaches including historic Mayan ruins, lush rainforests and scenic cenotes, all of which provide picture perfect backdrops.

Weddings and honeymoons can be as diverse and different as the bridal couples who plan them. Seeing three resorts each of which have their own distinct personality, made me realize how much choice the modern bride and groom have in choosing the perfect setting for their special day.

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