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Wedding Engagement Announcements traditional or modern

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There is no set time to send your wedding engagement announcements.

Wedding Engagement Announcements for first and getting married again tips.
Traditional wedding engagement announcements are often made when a couple becomes engaged. Other wedding styles usually make the announcement between three to six months before the wedding.

There is also no set way to do it. It can be done at a dinner. Over the phone. By social media. Writing notes, e-mails or sending faxes. By placing a formal wedding engagement announcement in newspapers. Or posting it on the couples own website.

If either of the couple has children they should be told first. Parents usually come next. They will tell the other relatives. Then your friends and co-workers.

The most popular way to announce engagements is to run an announcement in the newspaper in print or online.

Do not send out a print or engraved engagement announcement. As it will seem as if you are looking for engagement gifts.

Traditionally the Bride’s parents make the announcement. These days couples announce for themselves as well.

If you select to announce in a local newspaper contact the lifestyle desk. They will advise their print and online guidelines. And also your text copy, deadlines, photograph and rates.

Wedding Engagement Announcements traditional or modern.

Announcement copy.
Wedding Engagement Announcements can be in print or online.It is better to type your information by email or mail. And double space to avoid errors in spelling or locations.

Do not give information over the telephone. Be sure to add your phone number. Ask if you can see a proof before the date it to appear in the newspaper or online.

The newspaper announcement does not have to include your wedding date. That is up to you.

Before you send in your copy make sure all you spell all thee names right. Both families should see the announcement copy to make sure all the facts and spellings are right. This way there are no surprises and disappointments.

Style of newspaper wedding engagement announcements.
General. Mr. and Mrs. (Parents of the Bride) of (city, province/state) are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter (first & middle name) to (groom’s full name) son of Mr. and Mrs. (Full name of city, province/state).

Option paragraph.
Miss/Ms. (Bride’s last name) and Mr. (Groom’s last name) plan to marry (date or in the spring, etc.).

If you want to add schools and/or places of employment.
Miss/Ms. (Bride) is a graduate of (college/university) and currently (studying/working) in (type of work) at (school/company). Mr. (Groom) is a graduate of (college/university) and currently (studying/working) in (type of school/work) at (school/company).

Variations for wedding engagement announcements.

There are no set rules on additional material. Anyone the Bride or Groom want listed should be identified correctly.

When you are preparing your announcement make sure everyone you have mentioned has an opportunity to see it beforehand.

Deceased parents.
Miss/Ms. (Bride) is also the daughter of the late Mrs./Mr. (Bride’s last name) of (city, province).

Wedding Engagement Announcements – Remarried parents.

Mrs./Mr. (Bride’s married parent) of (city, province) announce the engagement of her/his daughter (Bride’s name), daughter of the late (Bride’s late parent).

Widowed father.
Include the Bride’s deceased mother’s given, maiden and married names.

Divorced parents who have not remarried.
If the Bride wants both of her divorced parents on the invitation list the mother’s name first.

Divorced parents who have remarried.
If the bride wants both of her divorced parents on the invitation. Her mother’s new married name comes first, then her father, then “request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter ___________”

If either set of parents are hosting with their new spouses. The invitation may read Mr. and Mrs…etc.

Couples making wedding engagement announcements.

The engagement between (Bride’s full name) to (Groom’s full name) is announced. The future Bride, daughter of (Bride’s parents names) of (city, province) is (going to school/working at). Mr. (Groom’s name) is the son of (groom’s parents name) of (city/province) and is (attending school/working) at . . . etc.

Wedding Engagement Announcements for Second-marriage Announcement.

(Bride’s full name) and (Groom’s full name) plan to marry (date if known). The future Bride, daughter of (Bride’s parents names) of (city/province) is (attending/working) at (school/work). Mr. (Groom’s full name) is (attending/working) at (school/work) . . . etc. His parents (names), reside in (city/province).

Other information that may also be with announcements. Such as special clubs, military service, ceremony site, officiant’s name, description of the bridal gown, honeymoon destination. And where you will reside after your wedding.

Wedding Engagement Announcements in print and online.

Black and white photos get the best results in a newspaper. Black & white or color online.

When you are having the engagement photographs taken let your photographer know where you are going to submit your announcement.

He can either shoot your photos in black and white. If you choose one in color and need a black & white photo have the photographer make the b/w print. This is better than submitting a color print to a newspaper.

Before you hire a photographer let him know your plans for all the photos.

If you are emailing the photo to the newspaper get their format requirements. Size, tiff or jpeg, and resolution.

Make sure your names are on the back of the photo. Use name stickers so that you aren’t writing on the back. If mailing insert cardboard to support your photo. On the outside of the envelope mark PHOTO – PLEASE  DO NOT BEND. If you wish your photo to be returned supply the newspapers with a stamped addressed envelope. Be sure to put this request in your covering letter.

If you are emailing your photo ask what resolution they accept and the format. Either a jpg or tiff. Resolution is usually 300dpi.

Traditionally the Bride’s parents host the engagement party in their home.

The party can take any form from a brunch or barbeque to a formal dinner. Today with so many different lifestyles it might be the groom’s parents, other family members or close friends who hold the event.

If you want to send written or printed invitations for the party they may be formal or informal.

They can read:
“You are invited to a party in honor of (Bride’s name and Groom’s name)”.

At some point during the party the Bride’s father, or mother, will make the “official” announcement in a toast. They will welcome the future son-in-law into the family.

If the Groom’s parents are there then their introduction is next.

Weddings Engagements Announcements – gifts at your engagement party.

If you receive any gifts at your engagement party send a thank-you note promptly.

Gifts are not usually brought, but they are, they should be open in private.

Send thank-you notes to the hosts of your party even if they were your parents. They will enjoy it.

BROKEN ANNOUNCEMENTS – after Wedding Engagement Announcements gone out.
If an engagement is broken all gifts must be returned with a note from you or the groom depending on who received the gift.

You only need to supply a simple note saying that “regretfully,  ________ and ________ have broken the engagement. Therefore I am returning your gift.

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