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Wedding Dress shopping bridal styles ideas trends

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The most asked question when you are wedding dress shopping is What does the bride want to wear?

Wedding Dress shopping for the bride and bridesmaids.

Wedding dress shopping ideas for you and your bridesmaids.

Wedding Dress Shopping Bridal Styles Ideas Trends and Budgeting.

The most asked question when a wedding is announced is What is the bride wearing?

And this is one of the reasons that your wedding dress shopping is so important. No other garment holds as much symbolism and tradition as the dress a bride chooses to wear on her wedding day.

The Bride’s ensemble also sets the style and tone of the wedding. And this determines what everyone else should wear.

The type and style of your dress will depend upon whether your wedding is formal or informal. Traditional, contemporary or ethnic. A first or second-time marriage. And upon the season of the year.

There are no fashion rights or wrongs for today’s bride when she chooses that special dress for her wedding. But remember you want to wear the dress. Not let the dress wear you.

Don’t be married in a dress that gets too much attention. The secret is to wear a dress that suits you and not one that you can’t carry off. If the dress is right you’ll be more beautiful than ever.

Wedding Dress Shopping can be stressful, so plan carefully.

When you are wedding dress shopping, you might be able to afford a designer gown. A manufacturer’s gown. One copied from a magazine or from one worn by a celebrity. Or one that you’ve seen on television or in the movies.

At the other end of the financial spectrum you might buy a ready-to-wear. Or make one yourself. You may decide to borrow from a relative or friend. Or shop at a resale or discount shop. It is sometimes possible even to rent the dress of your dreams. It’s your choice.

• Do your wedding dress shopping six-to-eight months prior to your wedding. Earlier if you have special fitting needs or an unusually large bridal party to plan for.

But before you go wedding dress shopping check online to find bridal gown fashions. Download and print the styles you like. Cut out pictures from magazines that show styles of lengths, necklines, sleeves, fabrics, trim and veils or headpieces that feel works for you.

Remember you know your body’s best and worse features. Experienced sales personnel will ask you the type of wedding your are planning. Attend bridal fashion shows for ideas. You’ll be amazed at the different shades of white there are!

Tips to remember before you go wedding dress shopping.

The Bride should always shop for her own outfit first. She shouldn’t worry about accessories or attendants’ attire until you have chosen your dress.

When you are trying on dresses keep in mind how many hours you will be wearing your outfit. And the different activities you will be taking part in. Getting into and out of your limousine. Standing and depending on the ceremony kneeling. Climbing stairs. Sitting or dancing.

Take shoes with heels of the approximate height you will be wearing when you are wedding dress shopping.

If you are dieting while you are trying on dresses or having fittings it will be difficult to make alterations. Make sure that the seamstress doesn’t cut away any fabric inside the dress if you feel unsure of what your size is going to be on your wedding day.

If you are a plus size and accustomed to wearing a particular style your wedding ensemble can follow the same lines. For wedding dress shopping use the Internet or yellow pages to identify the bridal salons, department stores or retail shops that carry your size.

Today’s bride can be married in a dress of any silhouette or shade of color. The most important consideration is that the wedding dress must be right for you. Your wedding day may be the only time you will be wearing it. But all eyes will be on you and you’ll want everything to be as perfect as can be.

Today white is worn by all brides regardless of their age or how many times they have been married.

Garment Facts to bring out your best when wedding dress shopping.

• Big sleeves are great for someone who has small shoulders and arms.
• Long tapered sleeves are good to feature pretty hands.
• Low or backless dress accented with detail is good for highlighting good backs.
• Strapless or off-the-shoulder necklines emphasize good shoulders and nice bustlines.
• Splits in sheath skirts are good for showing legs.
• High collars with high-necked cut-outs are good for long necks.
• Fitted bodices are perfect for tiny waists.

Wedding dress shopping or having your dress made.

Wedding Dress shopping bridal fabrics and trends.

Having your dress made.
If you, a friend or a member of your family are making the gown allow plenty of time to choose the pattern. And the fabric and trims as would be the case if you were having your dress made by a dressmaker.

After consultation a dressmaker will show you swatches of fabrics and trims to choose from. Most dressmakers have connections to fabric outlets that you may be able to benefit from and save money.

Some dressmakers allow you to buy the fabric yourself as a cost savings. Once you’ve chosen your style of dress the dressmaker will tell you how much fabric and trim to buy.

Check out dressmaking supply shops. They handle fabrics of all kinds. Most have a good selection of trims such as sequins, rhinestones, pearls, stones, buttons flowers etc.

Wedding dress shopping from daytime to evening outfits.

Daytime Formal. Colors of white, ivory or delicate pastel-tinted. The formal floor-length wedding dress of ivory marquisette over silk, satin, tulle, organdy, chiffon, cotton or synthetics. Velvet, brocades and lace are worn for winter weddings.

The face veil is attached to the headpiece. Many dresses have a cathedral or chapel train.

The formal dress is usually a ballroom dress with full skirt and optional sweep train. Accessories include a bouquet or depending on the bride’s religion, a prayer book. Peau de soie or satin shoes to match. Long gloves with the ring finger removed or slit to allow the ring to be placed on her finger. Gloves are optional.

The Bride’s other jewelry will be earrings and something around her neck if she wishes. Her engagement ring on her right hand. No other ring is worn unless given to her by her husband-to-be.

Keep in mind the time of your ceremony when you are wedding dress shopping.

Daytime Informal. White or pastel floor-length or ballerina dress. Tea-length dress. Evening wear or a suit. The veil is elbow length or shorter. Brides have same accessories as the formal wedding dress with a small bouquet corsage, gloves and matching shoes. Or depending on her religion, a prayer book.

Evening Formal. Six-o-clock is the hour that separates the formal evening wedding from the day wedding. The formal wedding dress is the same as for daytime. However, the fabrics and trimmings may be more elaborate.

Evening Semi-formal. The same as daytime informal. Fabrics or trims may be more elaborate.

Wedding Dress shopping can give you ideas if you are making your own dress.

TRENDS THAT NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE.Wedding dress shopping for designer gowns such as St Pucchi.

CAP SLEEVES. Keeping your shoulders covered may be favorable in some churches but it is also stylish, sophisticated and sexy.

The Cap sleeve shows off a lot of skin while simultaneously keeping a sense of mystery by covering your shoulders. Photo right St.

BEADING. You will see less and less bold hardware and beading on the gowns in some collections. Depending on the season or designer some designers are keeping treatments subdued. These gowns will still have delicate beading and intricate treatments but with a rich, fine look.

Take someone with you when you are serious about Wedding Dress shopping.

RICH FABRIC. Choosing your fabric is just as important as the style and cut. It really brings your whole look together. Depending on the season fabrics range from rich taffeta and delicate lace to heavy silk.

CUT. Sexy low-cut backs are making their way down the aisle. As are V-neck cuts in the front. More and more brides are moving away from the strapless A-line gown.

Wedding dress shopping styles are evolving to help brides show off their best assets. Such as their arms, neck or back.
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