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Wedding Cakes by chef who matches brides nail polish

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There is nothing typical about Master Pastry Chef Fred Naggar or his Wedding Cakes!

Wedding Cakes by chef who will match the frosting with the brides nail polish.

Eclairs for your dessert table.

Or his Wedding Cakes! The multi-talented pastry chef is the talent and brains behind Delysèes, King Street Toronto’s authentic French bakery extraordinaire. Naggar, a graduate of George Brown College’s Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts, did “the whole works” studying cuisine, beverage management and pastry.

In a surprising move after his graduation he started another career in the clothing business. It was a long way from designing pastries. But it enabled Naggar to travel the world, save his money, and finally open his own bakery. Three years later Delysèes is a stunning example of how exquisitely designed pastries can taste as good as they look.

Wedding planners and bridal couples look to Delysèes for outstanding sweet tables and wedding cakes. I sat down with the young looking blue-jeaned Naggar in his sleek and modern French bakery cafe on a frosty December day in Toronto to find out what made Delysèes different. Naggar admitted that he does not do the traditional multi-layer wedding cake that seems to climb toward the sky with the bride and groom at the top.

  • Wedding Cakes and eclairs at Delysees by pastry chef Fred Naggar in Toronto.
    The Eclairs color of icings can match your bridal nail polish.

Recalling his own wedding, Naggar agreed that newlyweds still like a cake to cut. Delysèes unique wedding cake consists of one single layer vanilla glazed, surrounded by mini-cakes in customized colors baked in molds imported from Italy. He has also cut down on high sugar content for a more healthy treat. The colorful array is not only irresistible but the best of both worlds.

It has become a popular choice with many brides who prefer the ease of offering mini-cakes instead of slices from a large 3 or 4 tiered wedding cake. It also gives people the chance to try several different varieties of the mini-cakes. “And they are easier to eat,” adds Naggar. The mini-cakes can also double for the take home piece of cake in small colorful beribboned boxes as a delectable souvenir for your wedding guests.

Wedding Cakes by pastry chef consists of one single layer vanilla glazed.

Wedding Cakes and Macaroon Towers by pastry chef Fred Naggar in Toronto

Macaron Tower can come in your theme colors for your Sweet Table or showers.

Another popular attraction for the bride and groom’s sweet table or engagement party is the Macaron ‘Tower’ that can feature some 200 to 350 macarons. Each delectable macaron can be easily plucked from the ‘tower’ for nibbling. Delysèes features 26 flavors of macarons with wildly delicious sounding titles like Champagne Lemon, Madagascar Vanilla and Chocolate Passion Fruit. The Macaron Tower can also be surrounded by mini-cakes or flowers. For a bit of Hollywood splash and sparkle it can be lit from within with reflections of gold dust.

“There will be more focus on weddings with more product in 2017 “says Naggar. The generous selection of products which also includes mini-sandwiches, croissants and baguettes, looks pretty impressive to me. The perfect rows of bonbons, mini-cakes, rainbow colored macarons, and the ever popular eclairs which line the glass showcases seem almost too perfect to eat.

The vibrant colors of the eclairs offer another story, when Naggar tells me that they can match the color of the icing on the eclairs to the bride’s nail polish. He is very particular about using the right colors for his products and they are all customized. The colored powders are brought from his favorite store in Paris which he will be visiting in the New Year.

Wedding Cakes by master pastry chef who makes his own deliveries.

Fred Naggar’s personal touch with his pastries extends to the personal touch with his clients. He makes all his own deliveries with no charge to the customer for the set up services, ensuring that everything is the way it should be. That includes how it is to be displayed. Everything must be to the customer’s satisfaction. “I’m extremely focused on the quality of my product and the environment,” says Naggar. “I want my customers and my staff to be extremely comfortable.”

The laid back Parisian atmosphere of Delysèes café is itself something of a comfort zone. A perfect place to sip a hot cappuccino and enjoy a buttery croissant while the winter winds outside turns the temperature down.

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