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Wedding Cakes Treats Sweets and Eats by Robyn

September 22, 2014 4:13 pmViews: 1147

They are pieces of art. And they are edible wedding cakes treats.
Wedding Cakes Treats, Sweets and Eats by Robyn.

Wedding Cakes Treats, Sweets and Eats by Robyn.

Robyn Kotsopoulos.

I am so excited to feature a wedding cakes treats and sweets company. And so pleased to introduce to you Treats, Sweets and Eats. The company owner and cake designer extraordinaire is Robyn Kotsopoulos.

And she knows that one of the most important decisions a couple can make for their wedding day reception is selecting their wedding cake.

And that a lot of thought goes into these edible creations.
• How many tiers should a cake have?
• What type of filling goes inside.
• What flavor of frosting.
• And how can the cake decorates be unique for each bride and groom?

Not to mention that one of the best parts of the wedding preparation process is attending the cake tasting. This is an activity grooms can look forward to as they really feel apart of the decision making process.

Treats, Sweets and Eats first opened its creative doors in 2010 in Whitby, ON Canada. But they travel all over to deliver their wedding cakes treats and creations. They strive on customer satisfaction. And ensure each customer leaves feeling pleased and content. They create wedding cakes treats and sweets that their clients ask for whether it is an idea they saw online or a creation of their own.

The company works closely with their clients to ensure they create something spectacular each time. They believe each cake has its own heart and they put their love into each one.

When asking Robyn where her passion for cake decorating began? She replied “I have always had a passion for cake decorating as it falls in line with my love of art. I studied interior design and wear many hats. My passion comes from the allowance of creativity that occurs with the design and completion with every cake I make.”

When selecting a wedding cake one of the most important decisions is what flavor will the cake be. Robyn discusses how today many brides and grooms are gravitating towards having different flavors for each tier.

The two most popular seem to be red velvet with a cream cheese followed by chocolate with Nutella icing.

And the following flavors. Chocolate. Vanilla. Red Velvet. Lemon. Butter Pecan. Carrot and Banana. I am getting hungry just talking about it!

One of the most common questions by brides is how big should a wedding cake be?

While most times this decision is up to the bride and groom, Robyn offers some great advice to this common question. “Style will dictate size many times. Since generally every wedding has a sweets table there is more than enough to go around. Most clients typically tend to choose 3 tiers or more or a single tier with cupcakes on a stand.”

This brings me to the second most common question. Cupcakes vs. Wedding Cake? As there seems to be a split down the middle between the two.

Wedding Cakes Treats like Bride and Groom pop-ups by Robyn.

Delicious Bride and Groom pop-ups for your sweet table.

Another great option in addition to cupcakes is choosing to do cake pops. We are seeing more decorated cake pops this season that incorporate wedding themes and colors. Here are some wonderful cake pops that Robyn designed for one of her clients.

As a busy cake designer Robyn is always researching the current trends. She was gracious enough to go into detail about the current cake trends and to share them. Visit Robyn on Facebook.

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