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Wedding Cake Toppers creations designs ideas

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The miniature bride and groom wedding cake toppers are still traditional standard.

Wedding Cake Toppers creations designs can showcase your theme.

Wedding cake topper by Lau-Jen Catering & Wedding Cakes.

Today brides are creating all kinds of wedding cake toppers that follow their theme and colors.

Wedding cake designers at bakeries can show you concepts for their wedding cake toppers.

And you can put any items you want on the top of your wedding cake. Or on top of the Groom’s cake.

Wedding cake toppers can be flowers, candles or miniatures. And ribbons, candies, hearts, and doves. The list goes on with from ethnic to sports items to wine glasses and a photo of the two of you. Figurines or an heirloom topper from the immediate family. Or the topper can be your  honeymoon destination.

The list is endless.

Wedding Cake Toppers can be original creations.

Wedding Cake Toppers bride and groom ideas by Kyla Richards.

Bride & Groom by Kyla Richards.

Sculptor Kyla Richards features unique and personalize wedding cake toppers. They are custom polymer clay figures and sculptures that are made in your likeness. Richards uses your photographs to create the perfect keepsake. Shown in the picture on the left.

Visit Kyla on Facebook.

Belly Bears make fun wedding cake toppers.

Wedding Cake Toppers creations designs ideas for visuals and colors.

Belly Bears.

Handmade signature Belly Bears as Bride and Groom are fun to use as toppers or centerpieces. Shown right.

The collection includes a Bridesmaid, Groomsman, Ringbearer and a Flower Girl.

Each handcraft ornament is from polymer clay and can be personalized with a name and year. They are five inches high by four inches wide. To check for updates visit

Wedding Cake Toppers creations designs ideas with Names on top.

Mr. & Mrs. cake topper
by Chicago Factory.

Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Toppers by Chicago Factory.
This topper is laser cut from 1/4″ thick acrylic and sized perfectly to fit a 6″ top tier cake.

It is approximately 5.75″ wide. Please note the stakes are not removable on this topper.

The topper colors are black, white and red. And a 1/8″ thick mirror is available as well.

When you are ordering let them know what color you would like your topper to be. And customized toppers are available. Visit

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