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Wedding Cake Styles Banquet Venues and Homemade

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If you are having your reception in a banquet facility ask to see a selection of their wedding cake styles. You can usually have your bakery bring a wedding cake to the venue.

Wedding Cake Styles Banquet Venues and Homemade ideas for your wedding.

Wedding cake styles by Lau-Jens.

If you are planning to have a wedding cake brought in by a bakery, the following should apply.
• The time of arrival should be put on the reception contract. And your wedding cake contract. So to make sure the cake is brought to the venue at least one hour before your reception starts.
• The accessories for your cake should be put on your contracts. Such as a cake table, decorations, keepsake knife and a server.

If a relative would like to make your wedding cake make sure you really want this before you agree to it. And  depending on the size of your wedding and the nature of your family it might be the perfect thing.

There are several good books on the market with step-by-step instructions on the different types of wedding cake styles. How to make them. And how to  decorate them. Just reading one of these books enlightens you on some of the ideas you might want to ask a wedding cake baker.

The icing on your cake should be chosen carefully. As it will be on display until it is time for the both of you to cut it. And the icing has to hold up for pictures!

There are several types of icings. Rolled fondant soft or rolled buttercream, royal, or marzipan are the major ones.

• Rolled fondant or sugar paste is a dough-like substance that gives the cake a smooth shiny finish. And the decorations can be with buttercream or royal icings. It does not dry out completely. Fondant can be made from scratch or you can buy it at a cake decorating shop.

• Soft buttercream is the preferred icing for wedding cakes. Many buttercream recipes have their own texture and flavor. And it is excellent on white, chocolate and other types of soft cake.

• Royal icing is ideal for making long-lasting sugar decorations. It is the most often used to decorate rolled fondant wedding cakes or to cover fruit or artificial cakes. And it can be made with either egg whites or meringue powder. The Royal icing mixes are usually available in cake decorating shops.

• The rolled buttercream combines the taste of regular butter cream with the application of rolled fondant. It has a smooth and shiny finish. And its use is to cover the whole cake.

• Marzipan is an almond icing for covering cakes and making decorations. The fruit cake is always has a pre-coat of marzipan. This covering seals the cake and prevents any moisture from seeping through. And it prevents staining either the rolled fondant or royal icing. It also provides a smooth surface for the final covering while adding a rich flavor.

Remember to add a gluten-free cake to your wedding cake styles.

The traditional wedding cake can be either stacked or separated. The different layer sizes of stacked cakes are placed on top of each other. And most of the time with fillings in between.

Cakes have different kids of decorations. You can choose anything you want. Traditional items are flowers, gold and silver little balls or leaves made out of candied sugar. And some are caramelized spun sugar that gives the cake a golden glow.

The white or dark chocolate pulled sugar has the consistency of gum paste. And this allows you to pull and shape it into any type of decoration you want.

The separated cakes use decorative items. They often are pillars that separate the tiers so that they are not touching. And cake stands are very decorative. Several are made from plexiglass and become invisible.

To separate the layers of the cake, you can use plastic or stainless steel dowels and pillars. And if you turn wine or champagne glasses upside down and balance, they will support the tiers.

Traditionally when newlyweds cut the first piece of cake together it symbolizes their first meal with each other. They usually tie this in with a toast to each other. Some carry the ceremony further and use it as a photo opportunity by shoving cake in each other’s face. This is one of those silly traditions that no one knows how it started. And you do not have to continue it, but it’s fun to do! – SW

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