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Wedding bustier gowns modern with formal twist

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Wedding bustier gowns takes on classic look.

Wedding bustier gowns that are modern with formal twist by St Pucchi.

Wedding bustier gowns are by St. Pucchi.

Wedding bustier gowns are classic creations that can flatter every figure.
And the bustiers can be decorative tops or worn as underwear under the garment. Either way they flatter figures. The designers are creating a look and at the same time streamlining the body.

Wedding bustier gowns by St. Pucchi can be part of the dress or worn under the dress.

Wedding bustier gown by St. Pucchi.

Wedding bustier gowns by St. Pucchi.
In an interview with designer Rani Totman, the president of St. Pucchi in the U.S. She feels that the corset look is definitely here to stay.

It is both modern and classic at the same time. And because it flatters every figure, the look is sought after by brides today.

The inspiration for the styles comes from history. Especially the 16th century when the corset was donned by the elite. And the aristocratic women of those times who wore them.

Totman feels that fashion is truly a cycle. And that from her various trunk shows she can see that this generation of brides-to-be are happy by how flattering it can make them look and feel.

The corset looks good on most body types as it is very slimming.

And its embellishments can be with jewels, silk flowers or fabrics. The bustier can either be part of the dress or you can cover it up.

Wedding bustier gowns modern with a formal twist are turning heads.

Ball gowns in 100% Silk Taffeta or Peau de Soie lend themselves to a more traditional feel. This is popular with brides looking to have a formal wedding.

Gowns featuring bustier bodices with or without sheer netting combined with ball gown skirts in lightweight, airy fabrics such as frothy tulle or organza creates an almost ethereal effect.

And bustiers are perfect for the bride looking for something modern with a whimsical twist.

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