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Wedding bridal luxe label Maria Senvo launch tips

March 10, 2014 3:04 pmViews: 196

Spring/Summer 2015 collection showcases styles for wedding bridal. 
Wedding bridal luxe label Maria Senvo launches SS 2014 collection.
You are reading about the introduction of  the Maria Senvo wedding bridal luxe label.   And its 2015 Spring / Summer Collection that was is in wedding bridal boutiques worldwide.

The Senvo label is by a young entrepreneurial duo in England who are part of a house team.  And they are bringing new life to the classic bridal industry.

The elegant gown designs work in non-structure shapes with sultry delicate details.   And the brand is stepping in with a collection that speaks to a new generation bride.  The team masters an elusive pairing with just the right amount of glamour.

Wedding bridal luxe label Maria Senvo launches SS2014 gowns.

The new fifteen styles has an international following.   From their home county of Cheshire through to Canada.  The dresses have intricately beads on the tops that trickle down its skirt lines and pleats.   And when the dresses turn around they reveal scoop detail backs and sharp features.

You can see that art culture and modernism are influences of the collection.  Their photography is in a British sculpture park that oozes an essence.  And a park is a good idea for you to remember for your wedding photo location.  The Maria Senvo line is creating a new presence in a traditional industry.

The designs mix a respect for the old with a flair for the new.  And the young design team is showing that they understand the woman inside the dress.  A woman not unlike themselves.

Wedding bridal luxe label Maria Senvo launches SS 2014 collection.

The Maria Senvo name is taken from the Latin name Vena Amoris.  And it is an anagram of the term literally meaning the vein of love. Traditional the romantic belief establishes that this vein runs directly from the heart to the fourth finger of the left hand.

This theory has long been known in modern culture. And it is the reason that the engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger.  As it gives the ring finger an idealistic vision for many brides.

Taking inspiration from this romantic idealism, the Senvo bridal dresses are sleek fit through to the luxury fabrics.  And no detail is gone from this new brand embracing the wedding gown market.

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