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Wedding bridal bouquets bridesmaids flower ideas


An idea is to add your favourite flower to your wedding bridal bouquets.

Wedding bridal bouquets bridesmaids flower ideas. BridalBouquetPinkYellowRose_600x429 [2]

Pink and yellow roses wedding bridal bouquets.

Remember that Wedding bridal bouquets complement the Bride’s dress. And so, they should not hide your dress.
Tip. Find out the meaning [3] of the flowers you choose.

Tip. Breakaway bouquets can double as a going away corsage. For a memento ask your florist if they can preserve your bouquet.

The Types of Wedding Bridal Bouquets.

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important elements of her attire. And it deserves special attention.
There are many colors, scents and sizes. And shapes and styles of wedding bridal bouquets to choose from.
A popular style is the hand-tied bouquet. Cascading and free form styles are also common.

The traditional bridal bouquet is made up of white flowers. Popular choices are Stephanotis, Gardenias and White Roses. Also popular are Lilies of the valley and orchids.

If you prefer a colorful bouquet you may want to consider using roses, tulips, stock, freesia, lisianthus and gerberas. That all come in a variety of colors.

Wedding bridal bouquets for the Bridal Toss.

You may want to consider having a smaller less expensive bouquet made for tossing. Average Price $40+.

The Bridesmaids’ Bouquets.
The attendants’ bouquets should be in a similar style to that of the Bride. Usually they are smaller in size. If the attendants are wearing flowers in their hair order them at the same time with the bouquets. So this way they will match. And also consider matching silk flowers.

The Flower Girl.
The Flower Girl can carry a miniature version of the Bridesmaids flowers. Size and color should coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses. And the overall style of the wedding. So, while bridesmaid’s bouquets are usually identical you may want to choose different colors, flowers or styles for each of your bridesmaids.
Price Range $35-$125+. Average Price $75+.

Wedding bridal bouquets bridesmaids flower ideas. [4]

Peach roses for wedding bridal bouquets.

Maid of Honor’s Bouquet.
Traditionally the Maid of Honor carries the same bouquet as the Bridesmaids. But in different colors or style. Many Brides choose to make the Maid of Honor’s bouquet somewhat larger than the bridesmaid’s bouquets. While still using the same flowers.
Price Range $40-$150+. Average Price $95+.

There are four traditional styles for wedding bridal bouquets.

• The Cascade bouquet. The Cascade is a tear shaped arrangement that is set in place. And it can be in a holder with flowers and greenery overflowing. As is usually worn with a long dress.

• The Nosegay bouquet. The bouquet is a small round bouquet of flowers that are hand-tied with ribbon. And it can be put in a bouquet holder as well. The Nosegay bouquet is usually worn with a short dress or suit.

• The Crescent or Arm Arrangement. This is a curve design to place on the top of the bride’s arm.

• The Spray Blossoms. The Blossoms are one of more kinds of flowers held together in a triangular shape.

Contemporary brides are wearing a single long-stem blossom. Flowers may also be an attachment to a prayer book, rosary beads, wrist corsage or another object. The final choice is yours.

Whichever flowers you select your financial arrangements should be made well in advance to insure flower availability. And when shopping check the price ranges and the best time to place your order. The prices shown are just a starting guideline as it is going to depend on where you live, what you want to order and when.

Images of the Wedding bridal bouquets courtesy of www.proflowers.com. [5]

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