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Wedding Books Brides Planning Tools Tips Ideas

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  Wedding Books for Brides Planning their Special Day.

  The Royal Wedding For Dummies.  
The Royal Wedding for Dummies on our wedding books page.  It had to happen, and it is one of the good how-to wedding books to read if you are planning a royal theme wedding. There is also a recipe section with great takes on traditional British fare for parties. And of course the royal trivia.

  The book will provide you with a look at the Royal Wedding of William and Kate.   And it includes royal wedding fact sheet explanations of the customs.  The royal rules of etiquette.  And a history on display during the events.

  For the history buff, there is a look at the Westminster Abbey history and its weddings.  And an account of royal weddings of the past with a score card! 
(The Royal Wedding For Dummies by Julian Knight is available in stores and online).

  Easy reading Planning and Budgeting Wedding Books.

Wedding Books for Brides. A Survival Guide for Brides and Grooms.
Your Guide to Weddings on our Wedding Books page. There is so much to do before the big day arrives. Do not work yourself into a tizzy. Just get your hands on a copy of Your Guide to Weddings written by Weddings & Honeymoons editor-in-chief Joyce Barslow.

The book is a complete practical guide to planning. And it includes the budgeting to ensure your nuptials come off without a hitch.

The tips range from the engagement to the honeymoon. And it features checklists and advice for dealing with difficult situations. That could include your family wedding traditions. And gift ideas for your wedding party at reasonable prices. Available at Indigo stores in Canada.

Wedding Books for Brides Planning a Green Wedding.

The Green Bride Guide is on our Wedding Books page. If you are planning green elements in your décor, or a carbon-neutral wedding with local organic food this book has resources. There are choices that emphasize elegance and individual taste in the guide. And it covers items from the engagement to your gown. It also list giving and receiving green. And it is one of the best wedding books for planning an eco-honeymoon.

This guide is also a resource for budget conscious couples. It provides low, medium and high-end choices in every category. As well as vendor worksheets.

The Green Bride Guide: How to Create an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budget by Kate L. Harrison. (ISBN: 9781402213458; Dec. 2008).

Wedding Books for Brides. More Green.
eco-chic weddings is on our Wedding Books page for your planning. A wedding can be the best time to go eco-friendly.

Just make sure that you are not falling for a marketing ploy. Several companies are using the buzz words like green, sustainable living or environmentally friendly. Do your research. Check out your sources online before you make any decisions. Or sign any contracts.

The eco-chic book includes simple and easy-to-follow tips.
• Use in-season flowers to save on price. This reduces the environmental cost of shipping in non-local flowers.
• Skip the save-the-date card. Save some trees.
• Do not purchase items you will only use at the wedding. Invest in dresses you will alter. Or glassware you will reuse.

The book chapters are very well constructed. And they include the wedding basics, engagements, weddings, honeymoons and married life. The Appendix also lists eco-chic resources.

Eco-Chic Weddings Simple Tips to Plan an Earth-Friendly, Socially Responsible, Affordable Green Wedding by Emily Elizabeth Anderson (Hatherleigh Press ISBN: 978-1-57826-240-3). Visit

Wedding Books for Planning, Tools & Ideas.

Wedding Books for Brides. Hiring a Wedding Planner.
Rich Bride Poor Bride is on our Wedding Books page for bridal planning. It is amazing how wedding planners tell you how much not to spend. But most do not spell out their own rates. Or how much you will save by hiring them.

Rich Bride Poor Bride has several tips from planners. And the basic secrets on how to organize with accessible and inexpensive planning tools. Such as with a large wall calendar and a computer program to enter information. It is a journal of your to-do lists. And suggests a three-ring binder with dividers. I know this is old school, but its pouches are of color samples and collecting ideas. An accordion file for receipts and contracts is a good idea. And an app to keep it all handy.

Rich Bride Poor Bride: Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide copyright by Sean Buckley. Visit

Wedding Books for Brides. Turning Dream Weddings into Reality.

Modern Bride survival guide is on our Wedding Books page for planning. This is an excellent resource book. It contains a combination of inspiration and instructions. With advice that includes a budget worksheet, to-do lists and a wedding day countdown calendar.

The sidebars feature tips are from professional wedding planners and real brides. Such as questions to ask your vendors. Ideas on food menus and venues. Gowns and dresses. How to tactfully handle conflict problems. And a list of Honeymoon spots.

The Modern Bride Survival Guide is by Antonia van der Meer with Lisa Milbrand. And the Editors of Modern Bride. Visit

Wedding Books for Brides. From the Engagement to Tossing the Bouquet.

Wedding parties by Anna Porter on our Wedding Books page for ideas. Weddings are more than the big day. The parties usually start months in advance. An they often continue after the wedding.
Anna Post’s Wedding Parties book contains common sense etiquette guidelines. The guidelines help plan and execute before and after wedding gatherings.

The book includes ideas for indoor and outdoor parties. And when to hold the engagement party or shower. Gatherings for attendants the week of the wedding. Stocking the bar. Choosing the menu. Who to invite. When to send out invitations. How many parties are too many. And guidelines for belated receptions.

According to author Anna Post etiquette is based on the three principles. Consideration. Honesty and respect. These principles help couples deal with many situations. Some of them awkward or difficult. Maybe something that happens between the engagement and tossing the bouquet.

Post deals with important questions. Do bridesmaids have to host a shower? Should you bring a gift to an engagement party? Who pays for the bachelor party? Should you invite all of the out-of-town guests to your rehearsal dinner and more.

Anna Post is the newest member of the Post family to write about etiquette. Visit

Emily Post’s Wedding Parties by Anna Post (Collins/An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers; ISBN 978-0-06-122801-8;

Wedding Books for Brides. Personalities of In-laws.

I Love My In-laws on our Wedding Books page to help you plan.I Love My In-laws is the definitive guide to knowing your spouse’s family. And its from your first date to your first born. The book features interviews with women who have overcome situations and damage-control ditties.

It aides you in each step on the ladder when you meet your in-laws. First meetings that determine your allies and enemies. This includes knowing the Seven Personalities of In-Laws. Surviving holidays. Weddings and vacations. A guidebook. A roadmap. A beacon of hope and light when for the fiftieth time you have told your in-laws what you do at your job. And that your name is Christy, not Crispy!

I (Heart) My In-Laws by Dina K. Poch (

Wedding Books for Brides. Your Timeless Wedding Photos.

Keepsake Photography on our Wedding Books page with engagement and wedding tips. Los Angeles based wedding photographer Barbara Smith has combined her passions for photography and paper arts into a DIY book.

The guidebook is a how-to with loads of tips. Such as how to add text and graphic design elements to images. And then print them on elegant papers.  

Smith also shows how to shoot images to show the emotion of the events. The book chapters detail is simple and straightforward step-by-step projects. These demonstrate how to transform your photos into announcements. Invitations. Albums. Thank you notes. Table and place cards. Wedding Favors. As well as your guest book and wedding albums. 

Wedding Books for Brides. Photography Ideas & Tips from Barbara Smith.
When the bride is getting ready. A still life composition of shoes with flowers or jewelry. The wedding gown on its hanger. Detail of the wedding gown. The bride’s hair being styled. Or makeup being applied. Slipping into the wedding gown as it is being buttoned.

Putting on special jewelry. With the Bride’s Mom or Maid-of-Honor helping. The Bride putting on her shoes. Putting on her veil. And in veiled silhouette. Peeking out the window before departing for the ceremony. Getting in and out of the limo.  A sequence of classic shots for something old, new, borrowed and blue.

Barbara Smith is a Los Angeles based wedding and portrait photographer. The Art and Craft of Keepsake Photography Engagements and Weddings: How to Take Perfect Photos and Make Stunning Invitations, Announcements, Albums and Thanks You Notes, and More. Visit

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