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Wedding Bills Managing Personal Finance Tips

September 9, 2015 9:55 pmViews: 363

Wedding bills are a great time to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees.

A Wedding Bills Budget helps to stop credit card debt.

Wedding Bills Managing Personal Finance Tips, Personal Finance for DummiesLike holidays, weddings brings all those personal and family images we cherish.

A purse overflowing with credit card receipts. Or the ca-ching! of the cash registers marking our escalating debt.

Wedding bills can easily outweigh all that we love about planning a wedding. Especially during this less-than-prosperous economic period.

“Overall, the Great Recession brought about a renewed dedication to saving,” says Tyson, author of Personal Finance For Dummies, 7th Edition pictured. It is very important that you follow finance tips. And not let your wedding budget spending zap all of the saving progress you made during the year.”

Whether it’s a dedication to the gift-giving tradition. A sense of obligation. Or a feeling that a wedding or holidays entitles us to spend more. Many of us seem to turn a blind eye to budget-busting reality. Don’t let excessive wedding bills cause any unnecessary financial stress.

Wedding Bills Tips Managing Personal Finance to eliminate debt.

• Find an alternative to gift-giving. Many people feel they have to give gifts. If it’s the holidays because it’s a family tradition. Or they know friends and relatives have gotten gifts for them.
• There are plenty of ways to trade in this tradition for another. Chances are your family and friends will be happy to save gift-buying money too. Your family members might want to pool their money for a gift.
• If you must buy gifts, cut your expenses elsewhere as necessary.

• “It doesn’t matter where you make cuts. Just that you make them,” says Tyson. “Keeping your spending under control while you are shopping can be a challenge. Keep repeating to yourself the importance of not over-spending.
• Set a budget and keep tabs on what you are spending. While shopping list all your receipts.
It’s easy to get into a spending rhythm when shopping. That’s why you need to physically write down every purchase. “When you start to add up everything you’re spending, you may be shocked. ” says Tyson.
“And don’t forget about all those ‘necessary’ wedding extras.

Wedding Bills Tips Managing Personal Finance.

• Having a budget that you know you must stick to will help keep your impulse spending at-hand. 

Plan what you are going to buy. Don’t get any extras! Don’t go shopping without your budget list. And know exactly what you are going to buy.
• “It’s very easy to go shopping with no plan.
• Watch out for deals that seem too good to be true. Retailers run all sorts of specials to Buy Now. Read the fine print on any ‘Buy Now’.

Wedding Bills Tips Managing Personal Finance.

• Leave the plastic at home. They can create a never-ending cycle of consumer debt. Wedding bills only creates unnecessary financial stress for you.

Use your budget to figure out how you can purchase without putting them on your credit card.

Wedding budgeting is a great time to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Remember that meaningful gifts for your guests don’t necessarily have a big price tag. If you are looking to give a gift that truly means something and keep its value for years. You are better off looking for non-material gifts.

• “Money can easily become the focus of your wedding. It should be the last thing you are thinking about,” says Tyson. “If you prepare properly you can achieve a happy balance of spending and saving. That’s a gift in itself, for you and the people you love.”

Tips courtesy: Financial expert Eric Tyson.

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