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Wedding Album tips lifetime photo memories

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  Make a list of shots you want taken.  In years to come you won’t be sorry you put together your wedding album tips on a list for your special day.

Wedding Album tips lifetime photo memories.

   Wedding album tips for when you are
shopping for a photographer.

  Make a sheet in your binder for your wedding album tips.  And include all photography costs.

  Shop photographers when you know the date of your wedding. 

  Quality studios are usually booked one year ahead or more.

  Decide on the type of photographer you want.  Portrait.  Studio. Freelance.  Or a photojournalist.

   The photojournalists instinctively work on the wedding day story.

  Freelance photographers are usually less expensive.  Some specialize in black and white.  Some in color.  And some in special effects.

After examining the work of photographers you’ll know the type of photos you want for your wedding album.

Once you’ve established the type it will be easier to focus on the top three. Be sure to get their availability for your wedding date.

Safeguard against missing photo opportunities. Buy throw-away cameras that are placed on the guest tables.

Ask your guests to share any of their phone photos with you. Your official photographer can’t be everywhere.

Shopping for a photographer with wedding album tips.

1. Decide if you want color. Or black and white photos. Or a combination. If you want black and white only seek out photographers who specialize in this medium only.
2. Go over your friends wedding albums to get a focus on what you do and don’t want.

3. You will want a complete record of the day in your wedding album. Ask your parents if they want a complete album similar to yours. Or if they want to choose pictures themselves.

4. Ask photographers for recommendations. Dresses. Receptions. Wedding consultants. Florist, etc.

Remember you want a photographer whose attitude gives you a comfort level.

5. The photographer should be pleasant. Unobtrusive. Doesn’t boss anyone around. Or lose patience with members of your wedding party or guests.

6. Ask if the photographer will place your honeymoon photos in your wedding album. If yes ask for the image format and the cost.

Wedding album tips for a Photographer’s Style & Performance.

• Look for photographers whose photos show details. And contrast. If you are going to have a formal portrait ask when and how the photographer does this.

• Ask how many roles of film he intends to shoot for each event in the day. Choose your pictures from digital or print proofs.

• Find out if your photographers have ever been to your ceremony site. If not ask that they come to your wedding rehearsal as part of their package.

• See the digital or print proofs of your entire wedding. Not just your final wedding album. You might like some photos that did not get into the album. And they could be shots of family members and special friends.

Photos should be sharp. Clear. Have good contrast. And show the wedding couple are real people showing their emotions. Not models who are posing for the camera.

Take note of the number of candid and posed shots of each photographer’s work.

• Ask how long from the time you see proofs before making your selection. Ask how long after the selection of digital or prints you will receive your wedding albums.

It usually takes three to four months after you select your photos from the proofs.

Photography Studios.
Engagement Photo and Bridal Portrait studios often have a stylist to assist. This person helps to arrange the people and wardrobe in the photos.

If you are using a studio with several photographers go over your shot list with the specific photographer who is going to photograph your wedding. Well in advance.

Leave the photographer a copy of your shot list.

Wedding Album tips lifetime photo memories.

The Bridal Portrait.
If you are having your bridal portrait taken on the day of your wedding. Have it taken right after your makeup and hair are done. Not at the end of the day.

Usually the photographer shoots it at the home after the bride is dressed. Or before the reception.

Often brides choose to have the bridal portrait taken before the wedding day. In that case, your hair, makeup, and dress have to be the same as on your wedding day.

Some brides use the sitting to test their personal appearance.

Some couples today turn the sitting into a Bride-and-Groom Portrait.

Wedding Album tips for Photography Costs.

Most photographers follow a sequence of events. If you are asking your photographer for a day rate ask how many hours are in a day rate. And what events it includes.
Ask your photographer what multimedia options are available. Digital or negatives. Your photo negatives can be printed on a CD-ROM/DVD. They will never fade or tear.

List the pricing information in your wedding binder to compare prices. If you choose digital imaging you may have to pay more but the quality will be better.

If you choose negatives ask the photographer how long your negatives will be kept on file. Usually, it’s up to five years but sometimes longer. Have this information added to your contract. Ask the buyout price for your negatives.

Basic questions to keep in mind when comparing the cost of wedding album packages. Hourly rate. Special effects. Photos taken on location. Studio costs. The number of proofs. Number of prints. Size of prints. Additional prints. Prints for thank-you notes. CDs or DVDs. Retouching costs. Travel costs.

Wedding Album tips for hiring a photographer or a photo studio.

When you have made a decision on whose services you want to hire a contract is written. It is signed by both parties.
Be sure to take your time to look the contract over to make sure everything you want is listed. Including the list of photos, black & white or color and the dates of delivery.

Make sure that the verbal quote you received is the same as the written one. Check for any changes you didn’t agree upon.

Make sure the time, date, home address if it is where photos start, ceremony and reception are all listed.

Have the number of roles of film or digital images listed on the contract. If the photographer should use more confirm the incremental costs.

You should expect to pay one-third to one-half down when you sign the contract. The balance is paid when you receive your albums and all your pictures.

Wedding Album tips for Contracts.

Make sure everything you are buying is listed on your contract. Including your payment schedule.
Do not pay the full amount until your order has been filled to your satisfaction. It is better to pay by credit card. If the contract service is not fulfilled you can apply for a refund for services not rendered.

Your Wedding Ceremony.
Important – remember to ask your officiant if and where photos may be taken during your ceremony.

The photographer cannot read your mind so make sure you have listed every type of picture you want taken. Before, during and following the ceremony and reception.

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