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Wahlburgers restaurant Coney Island opening

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Donnie and Mark Wahlberg at family Wahlburgers restaurant opening.

Wahlburgers restaurant in NY Coney Island opening had family Donnie and Mark Wahlberg.

Mark, Paul, Alma and Donnie Wahlberg at their family Wahlburgers restaurant.
Photo by Zach Dilgard.

The Wahlburgers restaurant opening with Mark and Donnie Wahlberg for their family business was a Coney Island hit! Brother Paul is a chef, and sets the menus with their Mom, Alma.

 The first Wahlburgers restaurant in New York, Coney Island is perfect,” said Mark. “It is all about bringing together friends, family and sharing good times.”

The 6,800-square-foot restaurant and bar shares all of the signature characteristics of the flagship Wahlburgers in Hingham, Mass. And it is complete with the main level dining room overlooking the Coney Island boardwalk and beach. A walk-up window serves the Wahlburgers’ tasty fare and specialty cocktails. And the indoor-outdoor bar on the rooftop patio has seating for up to 300 guests. And a retractable glass roof for dining.

Executive Chef Paul Wahlberg created the high-quality, yet simple food menu. And the highlights are some of his family favorites.

Donnie Wahlberg’s fav chocies are the beef burgers, house burgers and a Wahlfaves BBQ Bacon Burger. The BBQ Bacon Burger is available as a turkey or beef burger. And it is known as a spiced-up weekend barbecue on a bun. With white cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado, fresh jalapeños and barbecue sauce are on the top!

Mark’s choice is the Thanksgiving Day menu. He says that it is like Thanksgiving leftovers on a bun. And it is! The bun has fresh ground season turkey, stuffing, Paul’s orange-cranberry sauce, butternut squash and mayo.

Paul’s choice is the signature Wahlburger at the Wahlburger Restaurant.

Other menu selections include house-made salads. And the best is Alma’s Macaroni Salad. It is made with red onion, sweet peppers, parsley and her creamy mayo dressing.

The menu offers vegetarian options. And it includes a Portobello mushroom cap burger with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and Wahl sauce.

And for the dessert menu, it features signature frappes. The frappes are made with fresh farm milk and ice cream from Nona’s Homemade in Dorchester, Mass.

The first Wahlburgers restaurant debut was in 2011 in the family’s native Hingham, Mass. The Coney Island location is the first franchise store to open in the U.S. And in Canada, the first is Wahlburgers Toronto on the Blue Jays Way.

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